Season 4 promises to be “better than ever”

Stranger Things Season 4 is eagerly awaited by fans, who for the most part found Season 3 to attract more attention than the previous season. What can you expect from this upcoming fourth season? It seems that Shawn Levy, its producer, is already confirming its quality.

Stranger Things Season 4

Filming for season four of Stranger Things began in October 2019, but has been significantly delayed since then due to COVID-19. To keep us waiting, Netflix had released a teaser called “From Russia with Love,” which you can watch again below. However, has COVID-19 only had a negative impact this fourth season? Not sure !

As we saw in a previous article, the currently raging pandemic will have at least one positive impact on the upcoming season of Stranger Things. Joe Keerry (aka Kit Harrington in Stranger Things) agrees, speaking about it in a previous interview with the Hollywood reporter:

But something the brothers [Duffer] I have always done it to be extremely vigilant and watch over the quality of the show. If that gives them more time to implement their vision, then I think that could be a good thing.

According to the tweet that is widespread on the networks we’re presenting to you below, it seems the Duffer brothers actually have had plenty of time to devote themselves to the task:

Stranger Things 4: the entire season. # ST4

June 18, 2020

The fourth season of Stranger Things got off to a good start. However, producer Shawn Levy hadn’t spoken on the subject. It is now a thing of the past.

The Effects of Covid-19 on Season 4

Producer Shawn Levy has also decided to expand the relationship between COVID-19 and script quality for the upcoming season. The latter said for Collider Magazine:

I will simply say that the pandemic has massively delayed the filming and with it the start of our current season 4, the date of which has not yet been determined. But it felt very positive when the Duffer brothers could write the full season for the first time before filming it and really took the time to write it, something they didn’t have. the ability to do so beforehand so the quality of these scripts is exceptional, maybe better than ever.

As for the first three seasons, Stranger Things was produced in a relatively short amount of time, which forced producers to begin filming while the script for the season was not yet fully written. As a result, actors had less time to delve into their characters and writers had to make faster decisions. Shawn Levy also confirmed in this interview that there is no official release date planned for this upcoming fourth season.

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