Season 3 gets even bloodier, Laz Alonso (La Crème) gives details


The boys will be returning soon for a third season. However, a release date has not yet been announced and fans are getting impatient. Despite everything, a strange hint from the actor of La Crème (breast milk in VO) suggests that the gore scenes shown so far were only a starter compared to the following.

A highly anticipated third season (but not before 2022)

The filming of season 3 of The Boys is well advanced. When multiple elements allow us to get an idea of ​​what the future of the series holds for us, everything remains very vague. However, there are already some pointers to shed light on this.

In fact, Soldier Boy’s teasing and Shaquille O’Neal’s surprise appearance at New York Comic Con 2020 already allowed a sneak peek of the upcoming season of Amazon Prime, which was not due to appear before 2022.

Now it is Laz Alonso’s turn to give us a new clue.

a technical index of the sequence of events

One thing is certain, The Boys is already very bloody: explosion of hemoglobin, people who have been burned due to laser vision, exploding heads … In short! This is definitely not a series to watch over lunch.

If some were hoping for a break in the next few episodes, let them think again. The actor who plays the character of La Crème (Breast Milk), Laz Alonso, has given a crucial clue on the matter.

During an interview with Collider on the occasion of the release of the film Un Homme en Colère, our colleagues couldn’t resist the idea of ​​going a little beyond the subject and asking him questions about The Boys.

An even bloodier season 3

We therefore learn from him that the production would now be in the middle of the shooting of the season. At this point, Laz Alonso left out a small detail that confirms the fact that season three is expected to be even worse in terms of hemoglobin jets.

This little detail comes from a technical observation related to production and in particular from the side of the makeup department. He explains it this way:

“I talked to the head makeup artist and she’s in charge of ordering the blood – that’s one of her many jobs, by the way. She told me about the accessories for season 2 and … in terms of volume, I don’t think they used over 7.5 liters in season two, believe it or not. However, by season three we already have over 13 liters of blood. So that should give you a little clue as to where we are going. “

Given this information, it is better to prepare for a good stomach. As for La Crème, given that his character is often embroiled in bloody events, the actor seems just as well placed to give us his point of view. What to get even more impatient for the rest of the events.