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Season 3 could feature two famous characters supporting LaRusso

The Cobra Kai series revolves around Johnny’s story, but of course Daniel LaRusso continues to have a prominent place on the series, so some fans are asking about the plot for season three with an even more focus on Johnny. Daniel as the main character? Very little for the fans. Despite everything, his story is fascinating and we can’t help but believe that Daniel took this story too seriously and that he sometimes shows up at Miyagi-Do alone. But alone, is it really him, or is he just unaware that other people could take his place as sensei, or at least help him with his business? Let’s detail all of that.

Daniel LaRusso as Sensei from Miyagi-Do

In Cobra Kai, Daniel LaRusso, played by Ralph Macchio, has decided to save Mr Miyagi’s legacy. This is understandable since Daniel became Miyagi’s student in The Karate Kid in 1984 and the two continued to be friends until Miyagi’s death at the age of 86 in 2011.

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Miyagi originally intended to specifically train Daniel, and as their friendship grew over time, the two continued to train together. It is possible, therefore, that Daniel chose to shoulder the burden of this legacy without realizing that other such well-placed people might help him or even choose to take his place as Miyagi sensei. -Do. After the series disasters at the end of season two of Cobra Kai, we may wonder if Daniel is really aware of this, and the answer seems to be no. We even imagined beforehand that Johnny Miyagi-Do’s could become Miyagi-Do’s new Sensei when LaRusso goes to Okinawa to find answers in the upcoming season 3. But think about it, Daniel LaRusso might have other options than Johnny. Who could come and help him, who could support him? We have two very specific characters in mind.

Julie Pierce’s introduction to Cobra Kai

Miyagi was quite ready to take Julie Pierce under her wing in 1994. The latter is the granddaughter of a friend of Miyagi’s, Lieutenant Jack Pierce. Miyagi had met him in the army and was happy to train Julie in Miyagi-Do karate.

The Cobra Kai series has yet to determine if Daniel has met Julie in the past, but it’s pretty certain the latter is part of the franchise, as Cobra Kai’s producers look at every movie ever made. realized as an integral part of the “Miyagi verse”. We know Julie trained at Miyagi 25 years ago, but of course we have no idea how she has used that training over the past few years. But let’s remember one thing: through her own impressive athletic skills and mentality, Miyagi introduced Julie Pierce to her friends who were Buddhist monks. So it’s possible that Julie knows secrets of Miyagi-Do that Daniel himself never knew. If featured in season 3 of Cobra Kai, she could be of great help to Daniel.

Chozen Toguchi’s comeback for season 3?

Another fan of the martial arts, and Miyagi-Do in particular, is still alive and it’s Chozen Toguchi. Chozen was the nephew and best student of Sato Toguchi, Miyagi’s best childhood friend. He, too, received certain prescriptions from Miyagi-Do, although Sato trained him to become more aggressive (which made Chozen hate LaRusso and even try to incapacitate him).

However, some rumors persist: Chozen will be back in season three of Cobra Kai. If he actually appeared on the series, he could reveal secrets to Daniel about Miyagi that Daniel had never known before. Chozen is a true bastion of Miyagi-Do knowledge and could also be a good sensei. The story could lead him to befriend LaRusso after the years have passed and Miyagi is out of this world. So Daniel could be surrounded a lot more than he thinks.


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