Season 13 will be very different from the previous ones

Despite the global epidemic that hits us, the TARDIS will be back in service. In fact, the Season 13 shoot of Doctor Who has started and it’s already turning into something special …

Season 13 with changes

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It was already possible to guess, but the Covid-19 will affect the 13th season of Doctor Who. However, filming resumed eight months after the final season. But now, with the health rules in place in England, the land of the mythical Doctor Who, it will be difficult to deliver as many episodes as usual. In order to protect their actors, the production then decided to reduce the number of episodes to 8 from the 11 originally planned.

fewer episodes, but still the same quality?

Following this announcement, we are entitled to question the quality of this future new season. For Chris Chibnall, screenwriter and producer of the series, fewer episodes don’t necessarily mean a loss of quality.

The ambition, humor, fun, and fear that you expect from Doctor Who will always be there. It’s a tough time for all of us, but the doctor is never shy of a challenge!

Chris Chibnall then promises to take up the challenge. The team wants to spend more time on each episode, as the showrunner explains.

During this strangest time, the Doctor Who team did wonders to get the series back into production. We’re really excited to be back on the show. Given the complexity of creating a series like Doctor Who and the introduction of the new protocols, it’s going to take a little longer to film each episode, which means we’ll have eight episodes instead of the eleven. usually.

It remains to be seen how long it will take to complete these episodes. To reassure fans, executive producer Matt Strevens also spoke.

The incredible production crew, crew and cast have done wonders to get us back to filming through these troubled times. It will always be so fun and full of action – with lots of surprises.

In relation to this season 13 airing on our screens, a simple “current 2021” was mentioned. It is certain that it will therefore be broadcast on the BBC at the end of next year and on France 4 in France. If you’re more impatient, know that Jodie Whittaker and her companions will be returning for a special episode at the end of this event. Year called “Revolution of the Daleks”.

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