Sean Bean returns to the cult scene from the first season

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the Game of Thrones series. In April 2011, when the program aired on HBO, everyone thought that the main hero was and will be Ned Stark. Obviously, and we saw it later, you should never give long lives to certain characters. Especially in Game of Thrones! Sean Bean, who played Ned Stark, returned to the sequence before which all fans of the series were speechless.

Be careful if you haven’t seen the series, the article contains sequel spoilers

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Sean Bean returned to the stage where the Myth of Game of Thrones is published. In the HBO series, characters’ fates can go up in smoke at any time without warning!

Such is the case of his character Ned Stark, who all viewers considered the hero of the series. Except that at the end of the ninth episode of season 1, the hero of Westeros is beheaded.

A complex scene and intense filming

The actor explains that while filming he tried to bring together horror, disbelief and resignation to deliver the scene as we know it:

It wasn’t just, “Oh my god, my head will be cut off!” It was a lot of mixed feelings and that’s all that made this scene what it is.

Sean Bean also explains that filming this scene was particularly intense and exhausting. Because it wasn’t just about lowering your head and waiting for the fatal blow. It therefore took a whole day to take the pictures. The actor remembers staying focused all day knowing that his character was going to die:

You need to focus on the fact that your character is going to die and therefore you won’t be able to mess around.

And the result of the sequence is undeniable: the scene offers fans one of the show’s cult moments:

The reactions from everyone have been fantastic. It was very moving with a lot of pathos.

After Sean Bean prepared to shoot the scene, he says he simply put his head on the chopping block and finished his work day.

An incredible sequence that we’ll let you watch or review below. And to find out what the film crew did to Ned Stark’s face after filming the scene, this is where it happens!

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