Scholz: «Vaccination should not become a social problem» | Free press

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz would rather stick to the prioritization of vaccinations a little longer so as not to risk vaccine distribution battles.

Berlin (dpa) – SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has warned of a social divide in vaccination against the coronavirus and defended the prioritization.

“Vaccination should not become a social issue,” he told the editorial network in Germany. “It is not the presence of doctors among friends or acquaintances who decide to assign vaccination appointments, but the priority alone.”

It is good that there is a binding sequence for vaccination. “As long as the vaccine is scarce, we should keep it,” said Scholz. “I would rather we keep the vaccination prioritization a little longer than if we risk a battle for the distribution of vaccines in which the wealthy, with their networks and contacts, ultimately prevail.” According to him, municipalities and states should develop strategies to vaccinate people in hotspots faster and at a lower threshold. “No one benefits if the upscale suburbs are vaccinated, but the pandemic in the socially disadvantaged areas is still raging.”

On the topic of greater freedom for those fully vaccinated, Scholz said, “We should not be guided by alleged judicial debates on this issue, but rather look at the issue from a medical standpoint only.” The question is whether a curfew for citizens who pose no risk is virologically meaningful. “I don’t think so. And then it can no longer be legally justified.”

The federal government has announced that it will soon be relaxed for those who have been vaccinated against corona. The cabinet is expected to get the plans off the ground next week. After the Bundestag, the Bundesrat should take a final decision on 28 May. Across the country, according to figures from Wednesday, 20.5 million people are vaccinated at least once – 24.7 percent of all residents. According to the Federal Department of Health, 6.1 million citizens – 7.4 percent – have been fully vaccinated with two syringes.

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