Scholz: Set rules quickly for fully vaccinated people | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – In the fight for uniform shelter for fully vaccinated people in the corona pandemic, Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised a quick clarification.

He thinks it is realistic that the planned scheme will enter cabinet on Wednesday and get approval from the Bundestag and Bundesrat on Friday, Scholz said in the ARD program “Report from Berlin” on Sunday. “We have the ambition to get this approval and that would also be good for citizens’ rights.”

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had previously submitted a draft on which the federal government intends to vote internally “at the beginning of the week”. Among other things, it provides relief for exit and contact restrictions. In several states, the first facilities for fully vaccinated and convalescent persons are already in place for corona requirements. For example, you no longer need to submit a negative quick test in the retail sector. Quarantine for travelers from corona risk areas can also be omitted.

When it comes to vaccinations in Germany, the next phase is in sight: no later than the week of June 7, employees should be able to receive vaccinations directly from company doctors.

At least 500,000 vaccine doses per week are planned for this, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, as first reported by “Welt am Sonntag”. This should make vaccinations easier, even without having to make exercise appointments yourself.

The federal government had already announced that it would have a broad involvement of occupational physicians before June. With growing volumes of supplies, the vaccination network in the area will expand even further. After the launch of mobile vaccination teams and more than 400 regional vaccination centers in the federal states, there are now more than 60,000 medical practices.

The vaccinations have clearly gained momentum. Meanwhile, 26.9 percent of German citizens have received at least one vaccination. 7.7 percent have full vaccination protection with a second syringe. In this context, federal and state governments want to seek a swift agreement in the new week on removing corona restrictions for vaccinated people.

VACCINATIONS AT WORK: Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) told Welt am Sonntag that many were still waiting for vaccination appointments. “But in a few weeks, we’ll probably have more vaccines than appointment requests.” Company doctors could help with low-threshold offers to persuade people who are “not looking for the counter argument, but for the opportunity”.

Employer President Rainer Dulger told the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday): “The advantage of companies is that they have reliable access to their employees, we reach about 31 million people.”

There is now a more specific start date for company doctors, even if there are still questions that need to be clarified. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), following the recent vaccination summit with federal states, called for a fair distribution of vaccines, even with varying densities of major industrial companies in the republic. Many companies are already getting ready.

Deutsche Bahn is planning at least ten nationwide vaccination centers. At the insurance group Allianz, 27 vaccination lines are being prepared at 15 locations. According to the company, more than 1,000 employees at automotive supplier Continental could be vaccinated every day.

VACCINE REPLACEMENT: More than three million doses of Biontech / Pfizer vaccine are expected every week by June for medical practices and occupational physicians. After 3.4 million doses in the week of May 31, more than 3.6 million will follow for three weeks and then more than 3.7 million in the week of June 28.

According to a delivery forecast (as of April 30), the practices will receive 1.6 million doses per week from Biontech in May and more than one million doses of the Astrazeneca preparation in the first two weeks of May. The vaccination centers will initially continue to receive more than two million doses per week in May and June.

THE VACCINE PROGRESS: Medical President Klaus Reinhardt told the German news agency, “I am confident that we will now be able to quickly vaccinate a sufficient number of people to achieve a significant drop in infection rates.” Even more than 70 percent of the population is possible – this is considered a trademark for the protection of society as a whole.

There is one portion that would most like to be vaccinated by the primary care physician, Reinhardt said. “These people trust their doctor, whom they have known for years.” This factor works significantly in those who still have doubts.

With more vaccinations in practices and companies, the future of vaccination centers is also coming into the picture. The chairman of the Bundestag’s health committee, Erwin Rüddel (CDU), told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung: “If the priority for vaccination is lifted in late May or early June, it would make sense to leave vaccination to the doctors. “

According to a model from the Central Institute for Health Insurance, more than half of those eligible for vaccination could have received at least one primary vaccination by the end of May. Three-quarters of the vaccinations could be made for the first time in mid-June. From that moment on, the vaccination centers should only make appointments for second vaccinations.