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Bochum (dpa) – Six weeks before the federal election and spurred by rising polls, SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has called on his party to fight for election victory.

«A departure is possible to our country. We can get a government that takes on the future tasks,” Scholz said on Saturday at the start of the SPD in the hot election campaign phase in Bochum.

SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil said in Bochum: “It is getting better, but we are still a long way from where we want to be.” SPD chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans said: “When things get serious, when big changes are underway, there is a reliable force in this country for politics, and that is the SPD.” He accused the candidate of the Chancellor and the Prime Minister of NRW, Armin Laschet, of a fickle policy. “The first fiddle in this republic, you don’t play a larifari.”

Confident election campaign kicks off

Given the increasing number of polls, Olaf Scholz showed himself confident at the start of the election campaign. It is good that the SPD’s polls are giving the SPD a tailwind. He is also “very moved” by the fact that many people trust him as head of government. “It is very moving to see so many citizens trust me to lead the government of the country,” Scholz said after his speech to journalists. The SPD now has to make more of it and convince a lot of people.

Most recently, a survey published Friday for the ZDF “Politbarometer” showed that 59 percent of those polled trust Scholz to be the chancellor. That is an increase of five percentage points compared to the survey two weeks ago. CDU chancellor-candidate Armin Laschet finds only 28 percent suitable (minus seven percentage points), the green candidate Annalena Baerbock remains in third place: only 23 percent see her as a suitable candidate.

The increased polls on Saturday also brought a good mood among the SPD supporters in the square in Bochum. During his speech, Scholz received frantic applause several times, after which many of the 1,300 spectators wanted an autograph or photo of the chancellor candidate. According to the SPD, there were actions across the country in parallel to the opening rally, including flash mobs, door-to-door campaigns and bike rides.

In his speech, the finance minister addressed not only climate change and social justice, but also economic policy. He categorically rejected tax breaks for high earners. “Not only is it unfunded, it lacks solidarity and is immoral.”

Scholz recalled that the state is taking countermeasures in the corona crisis with huge financial expenditures. By the end of next year, he says, that will be 400 billion euros. “That’s why it’s a very, very strange thing when, in this situation, after we’ve done this, after we’ve stayed together like this, some of the people who earn as much as I do or a lot more, they now need a lot of tax relief .”

The SPD politician accused the CDU and CSU of an irresponsible course in economic policy. He cited the corrections to the predicted electricity demand by Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) as proof. “A new federal government led by the CDU and CSU will cost Germany prosperity, jobs and the future. That’s not allowed.”

Scholz also invoked ‘cohesion and solidarity’ in society in the future. What Germany has carried through the pandemic must also be the principle in many other life situations.

More social housing

The chancellor candidate called for more social housing in Germany. 400,000 new homes would be built every year, about 100,000 of which are subsidized. “It’s not rocket science, you just can’t stand still.” Currently, about 300,000 apartments are being built every year. However, the efforts made so far are not sufficient because many people are no longer able to pay the housing costs. Until the situation eases, tenants must be protected. “We need rental brakes and we need a moratorium so that rents don’t rise dramatically.”

Scholz accused the Union of failing to openly address and address the country’s problems. But now the course has to be charted so that the 1920s get right. “Muddling through, that doesn’t help. Don’t slip through either,” said the SPD candidate for chancellor.

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