Scarlett Johansson breaks the hearts of Black Widow fans on the game show


Warning, if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading here.

The spoiler starts here. The death of Black Widow in Endgame caused a very violent wave of backlash from fans. The announcement of a film about the character was also very surprising at the beginning, before we learn more about the subject. Scarlett Johansson came back to this episode with humor in one of her last public appearances, and it’s safe to say that she hit the bull’s eye with all of her peers.

The death of the black widow

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The death of Black Widow came as a real shock to all fans of the beautiful Natasha Romanoff. It can be said, of course, that the film showed us a much more vulnerable part of the character and that her death allowed us to understand that she had finally found her place (it must be said that Black Widow’s particularly tragic childhood did things Made it really complicated on this side, but it didn’t stop: the fans were upset about how it happened.

Black Widow will have its own movie in May 2021. Last month we learned that Disney had decided to postpone the release of Black Widow to 2021 while many productions were playing their future on streaming platforms. A choice that apparently fell short of investor expectations, and Dan Loeb in particular, who believes Disney should have preferred its Disney + platform for this blockbuster. Black Widow should therefore look great in theaters based on our latest information, but that’s still not enough to please all fans, some of whom still say they get frustrated with the way she was killed are.

Scarlett Johansson’s answer

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, the cast of the Avengers took a quiz with Kamala Harris (United States Senator and fellow Joe Biden) to raise funds for Joe Biden’s campaign a few weeks before November’s elections. The actor who plays the role of Ant-Man, Paul Rudd, asked a question at one point that made it difficult for all colleagues and friends present: “Who is T’Challa? Past the (infinity) glove? Shuri, Spider -Man, Ant-Man or Hulk? “. The question was to be considered and the cast fell silent for a few moments. Scarlett Johanson then replied, “I wasn’t there, so sorry …” and caused a lot of laughs. Here is the passage in question:

She is worse than me.

October 21, 2020

With that touch of humor, Scarlett Johansson returns to one of the scenes that broke the hearts of MCU fans the most and takes a shift (but we forgive Scarlett everything). Let us remember this tragic moment and the wave of reactions that followed:

Around this time last year, I cry my eyes at Black Widow’s death at the movies. #AvengersEndgame

April 23, 2020

Ok, so Scarlett knows that we don’t accept that Natasha is dead and we don’t believe it. She also mentioned Alternate Universe … girl what are you doing to me? !!! #BlackWidow #BlackWidowMovie #ScarlettJohansson

October 22, 2019

As a reminder, an alternate scene was also planned for Natasha’s death to add even more tragedy to this story:

Natasha’s alternate death #BlackWidow

(Avengers: Endgame | 2019)

April 9, 2020