Scaramouche changes and new Faruzan nerfs

A slew of adjustments has occurred to each Scaramouche and Faruzan within the newest Genshin Impression 3.3 leaks. The previous primarily received some buffs and title adjustments, whereas the latter received a number of stability adjustments, together with nerfs. This text will embrace all of the related info in your comfort.

Do needless to say every thing is topic to alter. All of the changes listed on this article are proof of that, and it is important to say that there isn’t a assure that these are the finalized variations. On the very least, the next adjustments point out the course HoYoverse will tackle these two characters in Genshin Impression 3.3.

Scaramouche and Faruzan adjustments within the current Genshin Impression 3.3 leaks

The related adjustments pertaining to this text’s dialogue come from the .51 beta adjustments that have been documented by the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord. Here’s a listing of what is new with Scaramouche:

  • Character Title: The Wanderer → Wanderer
  • Elemental Ability Title: Hanega: Fushi Kakka → Hanega: Track of the Wind
  • Elemental Burst Title: Kyougen: Shikiraku Gobandate → Kyougen: 5 Ceremonial Performs
  • A1: He will get 0.8 Power reasonably than 0.6 Power
  • C1 Title: Shoban: Mofuryu Hagyou → Shoban: Obstentatious Plumage
  • C1: Gales of Reverie offers an additional 25% of his ATK as injury reasonably than 15%
  • C2 Title: Niban: Ebirajima Tsuki no Shiranami → Niban: Moonlit Isle Amidst White Waves
  • C2: Elevated injury by 4% reasonably than 3%, making the cap injury 200% as a substitute of 150%
  • C3 Title: Sanban: Kusemai Yugao → Sanband: Moonflower Kusemai
  • C4 Title: Yonban Hanazuki Uta no Ukibane → Yonban: Set Adrift Into Spring
  • C5 Title: Matsuban: Konjaku Torai Tono → Matsuban: Historic Illuminator From Overseas
  • C6 Title: Shugen: Kasumimaku Katami Matsukaze → Shugen: The Curtains’ Melancholic Sway

Primarily, these adjustments from the most recent Genshin Impression 3.3 leaks add a number of buffs to Scaramouche’s injury whereas additionally making the names easier for English audiences. The notorious Hanega: Fushi Kakka’s new title is a major instance of the latter change.

Faruzan nerfs

Faruzan additionally had a number of stability adjustments to her within the newest Genshin Impression 3.3 leaks, a few of which included nerfs:

  • Her Elemental Ability’s textual content description was modified for readability
  • A C6 Faruzan generates two particles each six seconds reasonably than three particles
  • Her Elemental Burst’s CD went from 12 seconds → 20 seconds
  • Elemental Burst: Prayerful Wind’s Present is given to Celebration Members as a substitute of Close by Characters. Additionally, the Pressurized Collapse Vortez DMG received buffed from 162% → 194.4%
  • A4: Prayerful Wind’s Present’s Anemo DMG went from 57.4% of her ATK that may be triggered each second → 45.9% if Base ATK which will be triggered each 0.8 seconds
  • C6: 40% Bonus CRIT DMG each 2.5 seconds → 40% elevated CRIT DMG each three seconds

Probably the most notable adjustments right here embrace a buff to her Elemental Burst injury in alternate for nerfs on her A4, C6, and particle technology.

Scaramouche idle animation change in Genshin Impression 3.3

One other vital change associated to this subject is that Scaramouche’s idle animation has been adjusted. The above tweet completely captures the distinction between the brand new one (on the left) and the previous one (on the correct). Mainly, he now sticks his tongue out whereas doing this pose.

That is it for the present leak round-up from Genshin Impression 3.3 on Scaramouche and Faruzan.

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