Andréa’s “Sardoche” Honnet, an essential pillar of French streaming on Twitch, has had to face the troubled thoughts of his stalkers for several years. Swatting, early pizza deliveries, party sabotage, his stalkers stop at nothing. At the end of the day, the streamer called for a “winter truce”, let’s hope it will be heard.

a sardoche to the end

While some players discovered the qualities of terrible games like Face, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope or the very popular Phasmophobia on this Sunday, November 1st, others scored goals in the excellent Rocket League. This is the case with the streamer Sardoche, who has been trying to perfect his air techniques for some time. But unfortunately for the young Frenchman, his stalkers continue to gain ground in his life. Relaxed, the streamer went to Twitter to ask them to take a winter break.

I’m sick of just giving damn negative energies to people here to relax and have a good time.

Nobody wants to see me live sad and suicidal, I’m tired of sharing this with people who deserve happiness, I beg you.

November 1, 2020

Obviously, at the end of the rope, Sardoche only wants one thing: a moment of peace. This Sunday in particular, the French streamer had an argument with the lawyer for Marvel Fitness, a YouTuber who was sentenced to prison for cyberstalking last September. Years go by, but the harassment for Sardoche continues. An endless downward spiral. Sardoche still received a surge of support from the loyal internet users who follow him. Many of them shared their posts to cheer up the streamer. Let’s hope that Sardoche can take advantage of the “winter break” he is striving for so much.