Sara Norte: from “Blow of Luck” the waitress. “My chance will come”

Sara Norte has been a frequent name on the news for the past few weeks as the actress now works as a waitress at a beach restaurant. He told NiT that he had only few job opportunities in the field of representation since the beginning of the pandemic, so he had to look for alternatives.

In front of the Albatroz restaurant in Cova do Vapor, Almada municipality (where she has been since May 21), the 36-year-old actress worked as an assistant at a school. This year he has already recorded a scene in the RTP series “Fernão Lopes: The Story of an Unknown Soldier”; participation in the production “Cavalos de Corrida”, also on the public broadcaster, pnde plays the role of a nurse; and will soon have two days of shooting in the new season of “3 Mulheres”.

Although she is not in the best phase of her career, Sara Norte remains confident and is certain that her great opportunity will arise at some point. However, he has a job that he enjoys, even if he sees it as a passing experience. Read the interview.

Sara hasn’t had a job in representation and that’s why she started working in a restaurant, right?
I do, but they are sporadic and I can’t afford to be quiet for money and my head because I’m not a person who likes to be quiet. I work two days and the other 28 do I go crazy at home and bang my head against the walls? No … There are those who can, I don’t criticize – maybe I wouldn’t mind if I was rich, I was always traveling, bought things … I mean, I don’t buy because I don’t have a lot of them either. What I can’t do now is be quiet and still to my mind. It doesn’t work for me.

And because she didn’t have to work as an actress all the time, she looked for alternatives.
Yes, but I’ve always done it since I was a kid. I know this life is unstable. For example, I was lucky enough to play a role in “Blow of Luck” on the first season with more recording days. But when this pandemic started … because 2019 was really a very good year for me, always working. And then 2020 came and everything stopped. And then my sister died and I started staying at home, thinking a lot, and when we think about it for a long time, it rarely works. I started to feel sadder and less motivated. At that time I was looking for work at the IEFP, the employment office and got a scholarship to work in schools. I worked as an assistant. I worked 12 hours – eight for the scholarship and another four for the parents’ association. Then the IEFP scholarship ended, it lasted two months. And I did those four hours, but then I couldn’t get just 300 euros a month, which is nothing. I arrived at 7:30 a.m. and by 11:30 a.m. I was checked in and spent the rest of the day doing nothing. A friend of mine, a teacher who worked with me at school, told me about this restaurant that it needed people. I sent my résumé and after two or three days I was working.

For what you’ve shared on social media, it’s been a good experience.
Yes, of course, I’m in a family restaurant that is immaculate and basically run by two families. You are good people. You know that sometimes you get tired of life when you’ve got everything, like when you’re in the studio and have a good salary. And there I am faced with a reality where people have problems – and everyone has problems in life – where people are basically getting a minimum wage, and they always leave with joy and little complaint. They are always concerned for one another. Sometimes I even get emotional with these things because they are good people, simple, hardworking, fighters who never give up. And I had great lessons.

Is it a very different world from acting?
Yes, although there are also very good people in the representation, I don’t say otherwise. But here is another reality. In fact, since I was a little girl I really enjoy meeting people from different walks of life, different people, I think it enriches me as a person and an actress.

For the life experience you can take with you for the roles?
Yes, it’s always good and I feel very happy because even in the midst of the chaos my life is having … Sometimes I think “fire, it seems like things just happen to me” but am in the midst of it all I’m lucky too . Because I end up meeting good people who like me and I know they’re there when I need them, even when it comes to a hug.

Did the people recognize you in the restaurant?
Yes [risos], lots. They say the voice and eyes are unmistakable … a lot of people recognize it, yes. And they give me a lot of strength, they say they would like to see me on TV more, but they say not to give up and these supportive words are always good to hear.

They also help keep the mood going.
Yeah, sometimes I get a little emotional and stuff [risos], some days i’m lower, but of course i’m happy.

Does the lack of work in the representation area still have to do with the pandemic? Or for other reasons?
I don’t know, I think these are phases. What I have already learned, because I have an actor father and an actress mother, is that these are phases, they are tides. Sometimes there is a lot of work, sometimes little, and if we choose this life we ​​have to adjust to it. And I’ve adjusted in what I thought was best, that’s it, which is to find something else while standing still.

In general, do you feel that your work as an actress is not recognized?
No, nothing like that, on the contrary. I had good opportunities, I didn’t have large roles or with a high frequency, but even with small roles I always had the opportunity to play very different characters. Which is very difficult sometimes, even for the actors who play the main characters in a soap opera, because I got to explore multiple characters. And I risk everything. Sometimes I look at things and think, “Oh my god, what did I do?” But at least I took the chance and tried to be different and that no two characters are alike. Of course, if you ask me if I want more opportunities or a trial by fire, I would. I enjoy working, exploring and taking risks. But I also believe that my chance will arise. All in good time – and always with hope and a positive attitude. Don’t blame others for things, none of them, it gets nowhere. My opportunity will come, I think so.

Was there a recent invitation or suggestion to work as an actress that you didn’t agree to for some reason?
No, it has never happened to me, I have never turned down a job. I’m still not at that level [risos]. Of course, if it was against my integrity or if I didn’t think it was right … Although in fiction I think anything is possible and doable.

What roles have you never played but enjoyed exploring?
Everyone, everyone … I think the more different than me, the better. In “Blow of Luck” I played a good girl, which is very difficult … I thought it was easier, but it’s hard to be good and believable. But I liked to play a villain, I’ve already done one in “Água de Mar”, Liliana, which was completely passed. But I think every role you play is a challenge. And when I get a role, I really dedicate myself because I’m a bit of a workaholic, obsessed, I immediately imagine how she walks, how she talks, how she breathes, looks, laughs. Every role you give me I find something special.

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