Sam The Kid and other personalities from the neighborhood founded the collective Chelas é Sítio


Sam The Kid and other personalities from the neighborhood founded the collective Chelas é Sítio

As part of this project, there is a new Vhils mural in this area of ​​Lisbon.

The mural was made by Vhils from an Atsok day.

20 years after the release of “Sobre (tudo)”, the album on which Sam The Kid declares that “Chelas is the place, Chelas the cradle”, the rapper and producer joined other characters and friends from the Lisbon area, to jointly found a collective and non-profit association, which is exactly called: Chelas é Sítio.

It was announced this Wednesday 5th May and the first initiative under this project can already be seen in the roundabout on Rua Salgueiro Maia at the entrance to Chelas. It is a large mural by Vhils based on Atsok’s “Chelas” tag.

The founding members of the collective.

Sam The Kid forms that connection with Nuno Varela (from the Hip Hop Sou Eu platform), Adriano Finuras (from the Torre Laranja Association), Ricardo Gomes (Masterfoot) and Zé Silva (Chelas Cuts). The project is new but already has a number of partners including the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, and the Mayor of Marvila, António Videira.

There are also “a significant number of partners associated with culture, social communication (Antena 3), music, associations of a social nature and trade,” says Chelas é Sítio in his first statement.

They state that the mission is “to bring more value to one of the largest areas of the Lisbon area by advancing the potential that the area already offers”. This is a collective “made by everyone and for everyone: not only for those who live there, but also for those who visit, making this region an even better place and maturing in harmony with the city of Lisbon should”. The focus will not only be on the Chelas district, but also on the entire Marvila municipality.

Chelas is the place that wants to intervene in public space and work for “more green spaces, more urban equipment, sport, more education and science in schools and through the organization of workshops, more culture and sustainability”.