Salvation: Basic pension recognizes lifelong achievement | free press


Berlin / Nuremberg (dpa) – Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) has described sending the first notifications for the new basic pension as an important step towards the recognition of lifetime achievements.

In the future, 1.3 million people in Germany would benefit from the basic pension, who would receive a premium on their calculated pension, Heil said in Nuremberg on Monday. Especially people who have worked a lot but earned little, including many women, are entitled to this.

Half a year lead time

More than six months after the official start, the first pensioners in Germany have received their basic pension. The transmission of the first messages has started, the German pension insurance company in Berlin announced.

The Deutsche Rentenversicherung calculates the basic pension supplement in a complex process. First of all, notifications are sent to new pensioners. It will take until the end of next year before all persons entitled to the basic pension receive their decision, according to Heil. One of the conditions is that the recipients have worked for 33 years. Parenting and childcare times would be taken into account.

┬źMilestone social policy┬╗

“The basic pension is a socio-political milestone,” says Heil. It took many years of debate. “The CDU did not want the basic pension, neither did the CSU,” said Heil. The instrument contributes to safety in old age. But old age poverty must also be combated in other ways. The main purpose of the basic pension is to give more to those who have worked for a long time than to those who have worked less.

An enormous lead time was required to check who receives a basic pension according to the legal requirements. Among other things, a new data highway was built between pension insurance and the tax authorities. Because the payment of the basic pension is preceded by an income test. According to the pension insurance, the contract has started as planned. No one has to submit an application – everything is done automatically.

Allowance for low wages

Retirement notices have now been sent for the first time to new retirees with information on whether and for what amount they will receive a basic pension. The premium is paid to people who have earned little over the years. Anyone who already receives a pension and hopes that the basic pension will improve his income will have to be patient for a while.

In total, the pension insurance this year will check seven to eight million pensioners whether they receive the premium. By the end of 2022, all 26 million pensions must be checked. Payments are made retroactively from 1 January. At that time, the supplement to retirement pension, pension due to reduced earning capacity or pension due to death was introduced. The basic pension was introduced by the Union and the SPD after a long dispute.