Saline instead of vaccine? Major follow-up vaccination planned | free press


Jever (AP) – After a nurse allegedly pulled syringes with saline instead of a vaccine, thousands of people in the district of Friesland could not be vaccinated enough against Covid-19 – much more than initially believed.

The Friesland district and the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland police station announced this on Tuesday at a press conference in Jever. According to the head of the Lower Saxony Corona crisis team, Heiger Scholz, there are also indications that the woman acted as an opponent of vaccinations – and not just by accident.

According to police investigations, it must now be assumed that with up to 9,673 vaccinations in March and April, more people were given saline solutions instead of the desired vaccines from Biontech, Moderna and Astrazeneca, said Friesland district administrator Sven Ambrosy (SPD). A total of 8.7 percent of the district’s population now needs to be revaccinated if potentially affected — including primarily priority two people, for example, those over the age of 70.

An employee at the vaccination center, a licensed nurse, admitted in April that she had filled six syringes with saline instead of the Biontech vaccine. While mixing, a vial of the vaccine would have fallen down, which she wanted to cover. The woman was released after the case became public. Since then, the Public Prosecution Service and the police have been investigating possible assault.

The launch of what is now arguably the largest post-vaccination campaign in the state of Lower Saxony is largely due to witness statements, as deputy head of the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland Police Station, Peter Beer, described Tuesday. Accordingly, concrete evidence had recently emerged during interrogations, “indicating that the woman was not acting alone in this one individual case,” Beer said. But he gave no details.

By contrast, the woman on Tuesday informed her lawyers that the April 21 act was a “one-off incident”. In particular, there were no other days when the vaccine was not administered in the prescribed amount by our customer, the report said. The lawyers also rejected political motivation.

Police have so far assumed a cover-up and declined to comment on speculation about a possible political background as a motive. On Tuesday, however, Beer confirmed previously known research, such as the “Spiegel”, according to which the suspect shared messages on a social network before April 21, criticizing the government’s corona measures. In addition, the woman spread ‘corona-critical information’ via a chat, according to Beer. “But that’s all we’ve found so far in the course of the investigation.” The woman is silent about the event.

The head of the Lower Saxony Corona crisis team, Heiger Scholz, said the investigations had shown that the woman’s confession at the time was “probably incorrect”. There are clear indications that the suspect “as an opponent of the vaccination has largely inoculated a saline solution”, according to Scholz. “It is pretty perfidious to sneak into a vaccination center with one intention of doing something like this and then defraud people hoping for a vaccination and the protection of the vaccination in this way. Not much comes to mind.”