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Salgueiro Maia: The Biography of the Captain of April hits theaters during the month of freedom

Salgueiro Maia: The Biography of the Captain of April hits theaters during the month of freedom

The film introduces more than April’s brilliant military and pays tribute to the husband, student, father and friend.

Tomás Alves plays the military.

One of the many lives that make up a film is undeniably that of Salgueiro Maia. One of the biggest names in the Carnation Revolution, an emblematic event that shaped Portuguese democracy. The film hits theaters on April 14 in the hands of director Sérgio Graciano after several postponements motivated by the pandemic. It is “a fictional story based on historical facts, personal accounts, intimate revelations and genuine emotions of those who have accompanied the captain throughout his life,” explains Cinemundo in a statement released this Monday, February 14 would.

“Salgueiro Maia – O Implicado” describes episodes yet to be told of the historical personality who, if he had not died prematurely at the age of 47, would be 75 years old today: student, parent and friend. The narrative covers topics ranging from military campaigns in Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau to the relationship with the woman, Natércia Maia, and parenthood.

These revelations “allow us to better understand where Salgueiro Maia’s moderation, courage, education and fortitude came from” – personality traits that defined April 25, 1974 as he was. It is the portrait of a “man who knew how to think about the future, to follow ideas, to challenge them, to lead a fulfilled, happy and fruitful life, to show solidarity and to suffer”, describes the distributor.

The film, based on a screenplay by João Matos, is part of research by António de Sousa Duarte, former journalist and author of the biographical work Salgueiro Maia. A man of freedom”. Tomás Alves was chosen as the actor to play the protagonist. He performs on stage accompanied by names such as Filipa Areosa, Diogo Martins, Catarina Wallenstein, Dinarte Branco, José Condessa, João Nunes Monteiro, José Raposo, Paulo Calatré, Luísa Cruz, Miguel Costa, Rodrigo Tomás and Frederico Barata.

In 2020, when the filming was completed, in statements to the Lusa agency, Sérgio Graciano emphasized the “great pride” he felt in portraying the life of “one of the great heroes of Portuguese history”.

Quoted by The Observador, the director added that the tribute “sins for being late.” “However, it comes at a time when it makes more sense to publish a story about Salgueiro Maia as he is a unique character. It is a pride to be one of the main contributors to this [conquista da] Freedom and it’s enough to make me very proud of what I do,” he affirmed.

Fernando Salgueiro Maia was born in Castelo de Vide in 1944 and rose to the rank of captain in 1971. On April 25, 1974, he commanded the military column leaving the cavalry training school in Santarém, occupying the Praça do Comércio and surrounding the Quartel do Carmo in Lisbon, leading to the capitulation of the then Council President Marcello Caetano and the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of the Estado Novo led.


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