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Saarbrücken (dpa) – The Saarland wants to relax the corona measures after Easter in a pilot project: from April 6 – the Tuesday after Easter – cinemas, theaters, fitness studios and outdoor restaurants will open again.

The condition is a negative rapid test, which may not be older than 24 hours, according to Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU). “We want to offer people perspective so that they can enjoy a little more quality of life, especially in the spring.”

Hans spoke out for new ways to combat pandemics. “After a year of the corona pandemic, we have to think about more than just closing and restricting,” said the government leader. A and O are the keys that make more private and more public life possible again.

A maximum of ten people should be admitted to private gatherings and outdoor events after Easter weekend in Saarland. Outdoor contacts must then again be possible – always in connection with a negative test. If all goes well, there may be further opening steps after April 18 – in restaurants, in volunteering, in schools.

At the latest Corona Summit, the federal and state governments decided that states could initiate and investigate temporary pilot projects in a number of selected regions – “with strict conservation measures and a testing concept” to open up individual areas of public life. The time span of the Saarland project was initially unclear.

Many federal states have announced that they now want to designate such model regions. ‘But we are the only federal state to do that as a whole. That is why we also call our project the Saarland model ”, says Hans. Saarland has the best conditions for this: on the one hand, the seven-day incidence – ie the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week – is currently around 70 and is one of the lowest in Germany.

Second, Germany’s smallest country has a good infrastructure for testing. There are more than 350 places where citizens can take rapid antigen testing for free several times a week. In addition, the vaccination coverage is high. So far, about 150,000 vaccinations against the coronavirus have been carried out, 110,000 of which are first vaccinations. With a rate of 11.4 percent for the first vaccinations, the country is at the top of the states, Hans said.

Criticism came from SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach. “The course of the Saarland is negligent. The model region in Saarland is an experiment that could lead to the rapid spread of more dangerous mutations in Germany, ”he told the Rheinische Post. The Saarland received “more vaccine against mutants from other states and is now taking a risk. That doesn’t make sense. “

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