Saar-SPD moves with Heiko Maas at the top in federal elections | Free press


Heiko Maas was first elected in the Bundestag in 2017 as SPD leader Saarland. For the upcoming federal elections, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will once again head the SPD in Saarland.

Spiesen-Elversberg (dpa) – Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas heads the SPD’s state list in Saarland for the federal elections in the autumn.

The 54-year-old was chosen on the list at a state party conference in a football stadium in Spiesen-Elversberg on Saturday, a party spokesman announced. Josphine Ortleb, Christian Petry, Emily Vontz and Esra Limbacher follow in the other places.

The Social Democrats drafted a total of 15 candidates for the elections on September 26. In the previous federal election in 2017, two SPD politicians entered the Saarland state list, and the party also won one of four direct mandates. At that time, a total of ten candidates from different parties reached the Berlin Parliament. Due to the corona pandemic, the Saar-SPD had moved the party conference to a football stadium.

The former SPD leader Saarland and former Deputy Prime Minister Maas was first elected to the Bundestag in 2017. He was also appointed as a direct candidate again on Saturday in constituency 297 / Saarlouis. There could still be a duel with his cabinet member, CDU Economy Minister Peter Altmaier. Altmaier had announced in February that he wanted to rejoin his home district.

In 2017, Maas lost the battle for the direct mandate in the constituency against Altmaier and then stepped through the SPD list of states to the Bundestag. Altmaier had already won the direct mandate for the CDU in 2009 and 2013. Both Saarlanders were born in the district.

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