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Saar-Greens are not allowed to participate in elections with a state list | free press

Berlin (dpa) – Setback for the Greens in the federal election campaign: Your state list in Saarland remains permanently excluded from the elections. This was decided by the federal electoral committee in Berlin on Thursday.

He dismissed a complaint against an identical decision of the state election commission as unfounded. As a result, the Greens in Saarland cannot be elected on the second ballot – which will also worsen the nation’s performance. By contrast, the AfD and Free Voters in Bremen have successfully taken action against the non-approval of their state lists.

The decision over the Saargreens came out relatively tight. Six members of the federal electoral committee voted for him, two voted against and two abstained. The board usually takes many decisions unanimously. According to the Federal Returning Officer, the electoral law does not provide for the possibility to file a complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court.

The background is a serious dispute in the state party over the list. An arbitration tribunal had declared an initial list invalid because party members entitled to vote had also voted. It also saw a violation of the party’s women’s statute. Before the second attempt, the Federal Arbitration Court had excluded 49 deputies from the local association of Saarlouis — about a third of all deputies — because there should have been irregularities in their election. Hubert Ulrich, who was chosen as top candidate in the first attempt, also comes from this local association.

The state election commission judged the exclusion as a violation of the principle of democracy. The federal electoral committee followed this position. Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel spoke of a “violation of the core of procedural principles, without which an election proposal, according to the rulings of the Federal Constitutional Court, simply cannot be the basis of a democratic election”.

In the 2017 elections, the Greens had more than 4 million second votes across the country, of which about 35,000 were in Saarland (0.85 percent). You have moved to the Bundestag together with a member of the Bundestag via the list. Three of the four Saar constituencies went to the CDU, one to the SPD.

Success for AfD and free voters in Bremen

On the other hand, the AfD and the Free Voters in Bremen can now run for federal elections with state lists. The federal electoral committee has upheld their complaints. In the case of the AfD, the state electoral committee had criticized the election assembly secretary’s lack of the necessary affidavit for his election proposal. She also refused to sign the minutes of the election meeting in which the list was drawn up. The background is quarrels in the AfD state association in Bremen.

The federal electoral committee determined that there was a legal loophole in such cases. There is no clear regulation on how to act if a person designated by the Electoral Council later refuses to sign or, for example, dies beforehand.

Thiel explained that it is not possible for a single person to violate the decision of an election rally. “We should not open the door any further to such problem cases.” The AfD faction leader in the Berlin House of Representatives, Georg Pazderski, also warned against this during the meeting: “If we do that, we will give one person all the power to blow up a state electoral roll.”

In the case of the Free Voters, the issue was that the nomination had been confirmed by the wrong person. However, the federal polling station stated that this shortcoming could have been remedied in a timely manner if the party had been informed in sufficient detail.

The federal electoral committee also rejected the complaints of several other minor parties against the non-admission of state lists. Most of them had not submitted documents on time or had insufficient signatures from supporters.


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