Saar-Greens are absolutely not allowed to vote | free press


The Greens in Saarland remain excluded from federal elections. The federal electoral committee has decided that. This was preceded by a serious controversy with serious consequences in the state party.

Berlin / Saarbr├╝cken (dpa) – The Greens in Saarland are absolutely not allowed to participate in federal elections with a state list. This was decided by the Federal Election Commission during its meeting in Berlin.

He rejected the Greens’ complaint against a previous identical decision by the state election commission.

The background is a serious dispute in the state party over the list. In the first attempt on June 20, the former party leader Hubert Ulrich from Saarlouis was voted first place and thus the top candidate of the Saar Greens. An arbitral tribunal subsequently declared the election of this list invalid, because voting party members had also voted. It also saw a violation of the party’s women’s statute.

Ulrich is the spokesperson for the local association of Saarlouis. Before the second attempt at the list election, the Federal Arbitration Court of the Greens subsequently excluded 49 deputies from the local association of Saarlouis. The party court had found irregularities in the election of the deputies in the local association.