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Saar-Greens and Bremen AfD electoral lists rejected | free press

Saarbrücken / Bremen (dpa) – The Greens and the AfD initially failed to approve federal elections in two countries.

In Saarland, the state election commission rejected the list of the Greens, in Bremen the commission did not allow the AfD there. That would mean that the parties cannot be chosen there. Both state parties immediately announced complaints to the federal electoral committee.

The state election commission in Saarland justified the non-approval of the state list on Friday with the fact that deputies had been excluded from the list during the meeting of the assembly. This was a serious mistake and violates the principle of democracy.

The background to this is a serious state party dispute over the establishment of the list. In the first attempt on June 20, the former party leader Hubert Ulrich from Saarlouis was voted first place and thus the top candidate of the Saar Greens. An arbitral tribunal subsequently declared the choice of this list invalid, because voting party members had also voted. It also saw a violation of the party’s women’s statute. Ulrich is the spokesperson for the local association of Saarlouis.

Before the second attempt at the list election, the Federal Arbitration Court of the Greens subsequently excluded 49 deputies from the local association of Saarlouis. The reason: the party judge had found irregularities in the election of the deputies in the local association. The list subsequently drawn up on July 17, with Jeanne Dillschneider at the top, was disallowed by the state election commission. After the exclusion, several deputies from the Greens of the Association of Saarlouis turned to the state election board with objections to the list and asked for an “intensive investigation”.

“In any case, a complaint will be filed,” provisional state manager Nadja Doberstein told the German news agency in Saarbrücken on Friday. “We need the list because that could cost the candidate for chancellor too.” After a complaint, the Federal Election Committee must then decide whether to approve the list. According to information from the regional return office, this could be the case on August 5.

“I’m assuming it will all endure anyway,” Doberstein said. In the 2017 federal election, the Greens in the Saar received 35,117 second votes. That corresponded to 6.0 percent of the votes cast in Saarland. Markus Tressel took first place in the list, but he did not run again.

In Bremen, the state election commission unanimously rejected the AfD’s endorsement, the spokeswoman for the returning state official said. The affidavit of the secretary of the election meeting was missing from the nomination. The AfD tried to file other affidavits. However, this person’s signature is required by law. She must ensure that the list is chosen correctly. The woman refused to sign. The background is discrepancies in the regional association of the smallest state.

The regional association AfD and the federal association want to file a complaint with the federal return officer against the non-admission. This was announced by MP Thomas Jürgewitz. The deadline for this ends on Monday.

The AfD has long been at odds in Bremen. The parliamentary group elected to Bremer citizenship in 2019 has also disintegrated. The Bremen AfD was previously represented in the Bundestag by its former head of state, Frank Magnitz.


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