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Ryan Reynolds responds in the best possible way to his possible role in the second episode

While Mortal Kombat (2021) is a hit across the Atlantic, we’re already talking about a second episode and Ryan Reynolds to play the essential Johnny Cage, which however is absent on this reboot of the first film released in 1995.

“We’ll keep Johnny Cage under our elbows for the rest.”

Since the release of the reboot of Mortal Kombat on HBO Max and in American theaters, revelations, speculation, or other leaks have sprayed the networks on a daily basis. Among them we learned that Johnny Cage, cult character of the licensed video games, was absent from the film to the chagrin of the fans. Todd Garner, the producer of the film, had explained the microphone of the American website GameSpot by explaining this absence with the fact that Cage corresponded directly to Kano, another essential character in the universe.

However, several leaks are later reported via an integration of Johnny Cage into a possible second plant. In any case, this is what the producers suggested last March:

The idea was to do what Marvel did with the first Iron Man. We had to rewrite the MK legend and start over. We wanted something more ambitious than the 90s films. “Familiar producer Todd Gardner.

“We know beforehand that a lot of fans will be disappointed not to see Johnny Cage in the first film. But the idea is that this film is a renewal for the franchise. We think Johnny Cage is the sequel under the elbow.”

We’ll keep Johnny Cage under our elbows for the rest.
Source: FilmsActu https://cinema.jeuxactu.com/news-cinema-mortal-kombat-2-premieres-infos-sur-la-suite-johnny-cage-kitana-34304.htm”We know in advance that many Fans I’ll be disappointed not to see Johnny Cage in the first film, but the idea is for this film to be a revival for the franchise.

Ryan Reynolds: Johnny Cage Humor

The tides of outrage over this absence have now given way to positive action. Numerous fan tweets asking actor Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu) to play the movie star flooded the Twitter feed. The actor obviously heard of this call and responded in the nicest possible way with humor, a little as if he had already penetrated his character’s skin.

On Wednesday, Ryan Reynolds posted a GIF on Twitter sticking his face on Johnny Cage’s body. He represents Mint Mobile, the American telecommunications company that has just won a landslide victory over the other competitors of “Big Wireless”. In doing so, Reynolds is funnily distracting fan demand while promoting the company in which he bought back shares in 2019. Nothing official at the time, but the actor does not seem indifferent to the idea of ​​wearing the hero’s famous glasses with the devastating fists.

What do I do with casting rumors and disgruntled competitors that @usnews has just voted @Mintmobile 2021 the best mobile tariff in 2021?

Finish it !! pic.twitter.com/RlAVA8iAzq

April 28, 2021

Perfect for this role?

But why are all eyes on Reynolds? The American actor is known for his sarcastic humor and eccentric tone, like when he puts on the Deadpool costume, but also because he has already touched the world of video games with his role in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. Still, he’s not the only one shortlisted for the role, including WWE star The Miz.

Be continued. The movie Mortal Kombat, directed by Simon McQuoid, is a real hit with Warner Bros. and would have attracted 3.8 million viewers on the HBO Max platform in the first weekend, 1.7 million of them only on Friday.

Yesterday we learned that NetherRealm, the studio that has been working on the Mortal Kombat franchise since 2011, is currently developing a new fighting game: Marvel Fighters.


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