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Ryan Reynolds got way too muscular to fit in his suit (video)

Ryan Reynolds, who has certainly followed Will Smith’s encouragement to get back in shape after giving birth, shows up in a shirtless video promoting his new movie, Free Guy. And his new build prevents him from fitting into his Deadpool costume.

Ryan Reynolds too muscular

Set in a virtual universe, Free Guy, which hits theaters on August 11, tells the story of Guy, a lonely bank clerk who discovers he has always lived in a video game world called Free City. . He decides to become the hero of his own story and will do everything to save his world, which knows no bounds.

In a new promotional video we can see the main opponent Antoine, played by Taïka Waititi, who tries by all means to put Guy’s sticks in the wheels. One of his attempts is to activate Dude, a mountain of muscles that has the same face as the hero. In fact, Ryan Reynolds, who plays Guy, will also play the role of Dude. The 44-year-old actor shows himself shirtless in an interview and explains that with his new physique, he unfortunately no longer fits into his Deadpool costume.

If this physical transformation is obviously not real, the Canadian actor is having a lot of fun in this fake interview. The least we can say is that the communication campaign for the film Free Guy gets to the point and can always count on the piquant humor of Ryan Reynolds.

Free Guy will be released on August 11th, directed by Shawn Levy, and will star Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. While you wait to see the movie, this hilarious promo video is sure to make you feel Deadpool’s first steps in the MCU.


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