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Ryan Reynolds compares his next film to ET and Back to the Future

After 6 Underground and Red Notice, Ryan Reynolds signs a new deal with Netflix. The Adam Project, expected in the catalog on March 11, would be halfway between ET and Back to the Future, two great ’80s classics, according to the actor.


Nostalgic for 80s movies? In the age of remakes and reboots, we can understand you. Good to know that the next sci-fi project coming to Netflix might reconcile you with the movies of the new genre. For The Adam Project, director Shawn Levy decides to reunite with Ryan Reynolds, who he previously worked with on Free Guy. Here the actor will be far from the NPC who tries to find a place in the real world, but lends his characteristics to a traveler from the future.

Adam Over Time will share how Adam Reed, a fighter pilot, faces a younger version of himself to offer him a highly accessible mission: save the world. It’s the kind of popcorn movie we love to watch with family or friends. If you’re more of a fan of historical sci-fi projects, admittedly a little cliche, but that pack the expected dose of magic, The Adam Project has something for you.

Adam Through Time, a science fiction film designed to remind us of good memories

During an interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds didn’t hesitate to compare Adam to the big hits of the ’80s through time. For him, the project is a perfect blend of ET, Back to the Future and The Goonies: “It feels like one of those big movies, with high stakes and an interesting concept. There’s also something very personal about it that reminds me of what I loved about ET and Back to the Future. I think going back to this type of cinema in the current times is something opportune”.

The actor and director were keen to offer the public an original story that also sparked fond memories: “We like intellectual property and we like superhero movies. We like all of that. But it was a special experience and we really wanted to keep this train going”.


If we have to wait until March 11th to see if the bet succeeds, some privileged people had the opportunity to discover The Adam Project in preview. We still have to wait for our own opinion on the feature film directed by Shawn Levy, but the first reactions are extremely positive. According to early comments, Adam promises to be funny, light, engaging over time, but also contains some touching sequences. The perfect cocktail for a good time entertaining!


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