Russo brothers and Taika Waititi troll Chris Hemsworth on his birthday


On the occasion of the birthday of Chris Hemsworth, born on August 11, 1983, several personalities wanted to have their say. Among all of those who have posted on social media, several messages from MCU staff caught our attention and this is the messages from the Russo Brothers and Taika Waititi.

Happy birthday to Chris Hemsworth

While Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming in Australia, it looks like Hemsworth has been on some vacation since the actor celebrated his birthday in Australia. To mark the occasion, Waititi and the Russo Brothers shared all of the star’s photos while filming the various MCU films behind the scenes. First, here is the photo posted by Taika Waititi:

As you can see, Waititi doesn’t care how much hard work it takes to successfully give Hemsworth this cut:

It takes 13 hours to get this hair perfect for the big screen and you wear it like the real champ that you are. Happy Birthday, my brother. @Chris Hemsworth
Special mention to @luca_vannella for skillfully customizing the wigs.

And this time here is the video posted by the Russo Brothers:

On the Russo brothers’ side, the teasing is more about the actor’s muscles and the fact that Hemsworth “is mostly too cool a guy, but he’s changed in a while”. A mockery, which of course does not correspond to reality, since Hemsworth is very close to the Russo Brothers. If you are a Hemsworth fan don’t hesitate to find the description of his tough training for the needs of the Thor 4 movie!