Russian Government is Planning to Ease Piracy of Movies and Games to counter attack western sanctions!!

Russia wants to change rules about intellectual property rights to make up for the sanctions that Western countries have put on it because of its military campaign in Ukraine. Recently, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development is said to have proposed to make it easier for people to steal games, movies, TV shows, and more.

This would make piracy legal. People in the West, including the United States, have put sanctions on Russian elites and financial institutions in an effort to stop them from stepping up the offensive in Ukraine. Russia’s economy will be hurt by these moves. They also hope that they will pressure Ukraine to stop the war in that country.

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However, it looks like Russia is trying to figure out how to lessen the effects of these sanctions. If the restrictions on intellectual property in certain goods, which Russia doesn’t buy very often, could be lifted, this would be good news for people who buy these goods. Breaks in supply chains and shortages of goods and services caused by Western sanctions will not have as big an impact on the market as they did before, it said.

Russia will not have to pay for the use of intellectual property from countries that have put sanctions on Russia, according to a report from London-based City A.M.

Russia’s state-owned newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta said that a Russian politician called for RuTracker to be unblocked so Russians could download Hollywood movies. As big Hollywood movie studios have stopped releasing their movies in Russian theatres, people in Russia want to see more movies from these studios.

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People in Russia won’t be able to see The Batman from Warner Bros. Release in the country was set for March 3. The movie starred Robert Pattinson. “We will keep an eye on the situation as it changes.” WarnerMedia said in a statement: “We hope for a quick and peaceful end to this tragedy.”

Turning Red, a Pixar movie, will not be released in Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis. Disney said in a statement that they will not be releasing movies in theatres in Russia.

Entertainment giant: We’ll decide what to do next based on how things change. For now, we’re working with our NGO partners to help refugees get urgent aid and other humanitarian help.

Both Sony Pictures and Morbius, an upcoming movie that will be shown in theatres, said they would not be released in Russia at the same time. A statement from the company said that this is because of “the ongoing military action in Ukraine, as well as the uncertainty and humanitarian crisis that has arisen in that area.”

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