Rules? What rules? Anarchy has taken over “Hell’s Kitchen”


Rules? What rules? Anarchy has taken over “Hell’s Kitchen”

Whoever deserves it does not go. If you don’t deserve it, go. Whoever cries is safe. Such is life in the “soap opera of the royal kitchen”. Read the NiT Chronicle.

The chef is in charge, that’s it.

It is being sold as “the greatest cooking competition in the world,” led by Gordon Ramsay overseas and Ljubomir Stanisic here. But already in the second episode it is clear that “Hell’s Kitchen” is anything but a competition.

“This is not a soap opera, this is a real kitchen,” shoots the cook in the middle of an elimination – again – distraught, full of emotions. The final chapter of the second season of the reality show, which aired on SIC on Sunday evening January 9th, brought tears, arguments, heated speeches and the already recurring life lesson from Stanisic. What was missing? The competition.

Already in the first contest the rules were thrown in the trash. The defined time limits are exceeded, the stages changed in the middle of the action, all with the blessing of the contest operator. The fact is, to truly be one, a competition must treat each of the contestants equally. This is clearly not happening, which proves Stanisic is wrong. It’s not a real kitchen or a competition: it’s exactly a kind of soap opera.

The cook himself provides the proof if he refuses to taste and count Branca’s dish, even after letting her finish the test in violation of the rules he laid down. This Sunday it became clear again that there is no regulation that can withstand the novel chaos of “Hell’s Kitchen”.

But it is precisely in this chaos that a visible pattern emerges: Stanisic seems to be melting with the tearful speeches. It happened to Mathieu, who, amid sobs, apologized to his family for leading the red team to one of the worst performances ever on the program. Following the declaration, he was immediately rescued from any appointment by Il Duce, Ljubomir Stanisic. Fuck the rules.

With one goal less, the team nominated Olga, Durão and Maria. And it was the latter that eliminated the hitchhiking elimination of whining. “I saw you cry when I was in the passport, I almost didn’t see you in the kitchen, I didn’t feel you in the kitchen, I didn’t hear you in the kitchen. Why do you think you should stay here? ”Asked the cook, who hinted at the conclusion. If it weren’t for the competitor, falling into a competition where the chefs are rewarded, not the numbers, would be a great candidate.

“I don’t think I should stay here. I’m not an asset to the team at the moment, ”admitted the competitor. It was the right step to convince the chef to break all the rules again. Less a competition director and more of a psychologist to justify the decision, Stanisic freed Maria before expelling Durão for having given up leading the team “despite being a good person”.

There was Olga left, that was before the cook mixed it all up again. “Who deserves to go? [embora] it was you. Let that be very clear. ”Now, if Hell’s Kitchen is a contest, and if it should be governed by clearly defined rules and applied equally to every participant, then why was the person rescued“ who deserved it ”eliminated will?

Unfortunately, for the contestants – or fortunately for those with the greatest acting talent – the only rule that seems to apply is: never let the competition rules get in the way of a good lameness.