Rui Unas is back in the theater


“Unknown Perfects”: Rui Unas is back in the theater

After a break from television, the actor and presenter is back on stages that he has not been on since 2015.

The play is a mixture of drama and comedy.

After a six-year absence, Rui Unas is finally back on the stage of the theater. During this time, the comedian appeared on television, in soap operas such as “Amor Amor” and “Nazaré” as well as in his talk podcast “Maluco Beleza”.

The return to the theater took place on Friday, August 6th, when Rui Unas joined the cast of “Perfeitos Descobertas”, who have performed at the Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon since April 21st.

A mix of comedy and drama, this play tells the story of a dinner organized by a group of longtime friends. The hostess suggests that everyone put their cell phones on the table and that every incoming message or call be shared with the other guests. It is certain that shocking revelations will come out and by the end of the night they will find that they may not know each other that well.

The original text is from Paolo Genovese. It was staged, translated and adapted by Pedro Penim. In addition to Rui Unas, the cast includes Carla Maciel, Filipe Vargas, Rita Brüt, Rita Cruz, Martinho Silva and Samuel Alves.

Tickets are available from Ticketline at a price of € 20 for the public and € 16 for the counter. The play is on stage from Thursday to Saturday at 8:30 p.m. On Sundays it starts at 5.30 p.m.