Rui Maria Pêgo leaves Rádio Comercial to study theater in England


Rui Maria Pêgo leaves Rádio Comercial to study theater in England

The presenter and broadcaster recorded 410 programs of “Era o que Missava” which became the audience guide for over a year.

The announcement was made this Friday.

The announcement was made this Friday, July 30th, via your Instagram account. Rui Maria Pêgo, 32, announced to his followers that he was leaving Rádio Comercial for a Masters Degree in Theater from the Old Vic Theater School in Bristol, England, a 75-year-old school into which he attended a class of 14 people will integrate.

“How can that go wrong? In many ways. I am 32 years old and have never lived outside my country, my name, shield and spear at the same time, has no special meaning in a country where people eat very badly. And that’s a good thing, ”he wrote in the message in which he announced that the game was scheduled for the end of September.

Rui Maria Pêgo came to Rádio Comercial on September 16, 2019 to premier the program “Era o que Faltava” together with Ana Martins. The format included more than 410 conversation shows and became the audience leader for over a year.

In the farewell message that he shared on social networks, the radio and television presenter took the opportunity to thank the listeners, but also Pedro Ribeiro and Ana Martins for the support they gave him on his trip to the Rádio Comercial that he still “a home away from home.” From home”.