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RTP’s new series presents a real case of an abusive relationship

“A Mim, Não”: RTP’s new series presents a real case of abusive relationships

It only has three 15-minute episodes: enough to show all the complications of a loveless relationship.

Premieres on RTP Play on January 17th.

It started as a podcast broadcast on Antena 1 and now the voice and story of Joana Dias comes to life on RTP Play, giving a face to the protagonists of this abusive and toxic relationship. “Never to Me” premieres this Monday, January 17th.

It will only have three episodes of 15 minutes each, but it guarantees that it will faithfully demonstrate the disturbing reality of men and women who cannot leave a relationship without love, only hate.

The narrative will follow four main characters: Joana (Teresa Tavares) is the mother of Lucas (Vicente Ramirez) and finally manages to get out of an abusive relationship with Rui (Leonardo Proganó), the ex-boyfriend who begins to abuse her pursue. The protagonist is also accompanied by Miguel (João Santos Silva), a friend and colleague.

“The story we want to tell is true and happens every day in Portugal, so it has to be shown so importantly and urgently. In 2020 alone, 51 women, men and children were murdered in situations of domestic violence – 16 more than in the previous year. According to the APAV, 13,093 incidents have been recorded, not counting the countless victims who remain silent year after year for fear of reprisals from the aggressors,” explain Ana Brás and Pedro Gomes, the directors of the miniseries.

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