RTP broadcasts documentary with Eunice Muñoz and Ruy de Carvalho


RTP broadcasts documentary with Eunice Muñoz and Ruy de Carvalho

The ninety-year-old actors are the protagonists of “The Journey to the Beginning”, which will soon be seen on television.

Eunice Muñoz and Ruy de Carvalho are the highlight of the project.

RTP1 will broadcast the documentary “Voyage to the Principle”, in which the actors Eunice Muñoz and Ruy de Carvalho, who are over the years, play the leading roles. This is a project by Luís Filipe Borges, Luís Hipólito and Ricardo Clara Couto.

“Shot on historical stages like D. Maria II, Trindade and Teatro Romano de Mérida, but also in the privacy of their own changing rooms and apartments, ‘Viagem aoprincipio’ Eunice & Ruy literally and metaphorically presents their circus family origins to its mumbling curriculum, from Eunice’s ubiquitous charisma to Ruy’s amazing memory, from the nightmares of dying on stage to the tears that move them when they talk about their offspring, ”wrote Luís Filipe Borges on social media.

“Eunice Muñoz and Ruy de Carvalho interpret their life story, perform together – more than half a century later – a scene from a show prohibited by the Salazar censorship and transform a poem by Natalia Correia into a living testament on a millennia-old stage. . The journey of two legends who carry the collective conscience of an entire people in their luggage. Soon, on RTP1, ”he adds.

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