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RTP Announces Next Song Festival Artists (You can listen to the songs now)

RTP Announces Next Song Festival Artists (You can listen to the songs now)

The semi-finals and grand finals are scheduled for early March. The winner will represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The winners were also announced.

RTP announced the performers of the next Song Festival this Friday January 21st. The semi-finals are scheduled for March 5th and 7th, while the grand finals will take place on the 12th of the same month. The public broadcaster also shared each author’s songs.

Jorge Gabriel and Sónia Araújo present the first semi-final, while José Carlos Malato and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira are responsible for the second half. Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim will moderate the final.

Each semi-final will have ten songs in competition – five will advance to the final. The big winner of the song contest will represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest. The European competition will be held in Italy under the motto “Zitti e Buoni” after last year’s victory of the band Måneskin.

Discover the songs that will compete at this year’s Festival da Canção.

Aurora, “Why”

Fado Bicha, “Pequenino People”

FF, “How good it is to wait for someone”

Diana Castro, “Ginger Ale” (composed by Joana Espadinha)

Kumpani Algazarra, “My Beach”

MARO, “longing, longing”

Norton, “hope”

TheMisterDriver, “Calisun”

Os Quatro e Meia, Amanhã (composed by Tiago Nogueira)

Valas & Os Astronautas, “Odyssey” (composed by Valas)

Milhanas, “Woman’s Body” (composed by Agir)

Blacci, “Sea at the end”

Cubita, “A Message from You”

Pongo and Tristany, “DÉGRA.DÊ” (composed by DJ Marfox)

Jonas, “Pontas Soltas” (composed by Fábia Rebordão)

Os Azeitonas, “Let out your voice and sing”

Inês Homem de Melo, “Fome de Viagem” (composed by Pedro Marques)

Pepperoni Passion, “Code 30”

O Vampiro Submarino, “Ao Lado de Mim” (composed by PZ – who is also the performer and assumes an alter ego)

Syro, “We Still Have Ourselves”


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