Rogério Samora remains “intubated” and “in a very serious condition”

Rogério Samora remains “intubated” and “in very serious condition”

Information from hospital sources shows that the neurological damage that cardiovascular arrest may have caused is being assessed.

Actor Rogério Samora is still in the intensive care unit of the Amadora-Sintra hospital after suffering cardiopulmonary arrest last Tuesday, July 20, during the recording of the “SIC” soap opera “Amor Amor”. According to “JN,” a hospital source revealed that the 62-year-old actor is in “very serious condition” despite being “inpatient”.

“Nova Gente” magazine already reported that Rogério Samora is “intubated”, while “Correio da Manhã” said this Saturday, July 24th, that the medical team accompanying the actor was continuing “reviews of neurological injuries “which they will eventually be caused by the cardiovascular arrest you suffered.

The same magazine also published some previously unknown details about the events on Tuesday. An unknown source is said to have told “Nova Gente” that the actor was on stage when he “suddenly fell”. The medical emergency was called immediately, but the resuscitation took “15 minutes”.

That Saturday, however, “SIC” aired the episode of “High Definition” with the actor. To celebrate this moment, Daniel Oliveira, the channel’s program director, posted a post on his Instagram account in which he talks about Rogério Samora.

“Rogério is a unique man. This conversation of ours, which we have had since then, especially in the last 3 years, is a good portrait of how Rogério is always with heart and soul in everything. It is not and never seemed to me as if it wanted to be consensual. But we always know what we can rely on. And that’s a lot. We are counting on you, Rogério, ”wrote Daniel Oliveira.

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