Roblox is supporting Apple in Antitrust Case Against Epic Games – Find the news here!!

Roblox Corp, a company that makes online games, said on Thursday that Apple Inc.’s App Store has privacy and safety benefits for its users. It helps Apple Inc.’s fight against Epic Games in a big antitrust case in the United States.

Epic, the company that makes the “Fortnite” game, lost a big part of a court case last year. It claims that Apple’s fees and payment rules for app developers were unfair. It took the case to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Apps available on the App Store are safer and more secure. According to it, Apple checks them before they can be sold, Roblox said in a legal filing on Thursday.

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Roblox played a big part in the original trial last year, so Apple wants the court to throw out Epic’s appeal of a case against the App Store. Key facts from the antitrust trial between Apple and Epic Games are being looked into by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The “Fortnite” maker said Apple gave a free pass to Roblox, which lets people choose from a variety of games to play.

An Apple senior manager called Roblox’s products “experiences.” As soon as this happened, Roblox changed the text on its website to say “experiences” instead of “games.” It also changed its name to “metaverse company.”

Apple has said that its rules have a number of benefits for consumers, including better security and privacy. On Thursday, two former Central Intelligence Agency directors and 21 other former U.S. national security officials made that argument in favor of Apple.

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