Robert Downey Junior flies to Chris Pratt’s rescue in a particularly unexpected way

Earlier this month, controversy broke out over actor Chris Pratt. Star-Lord’s interpreter within the MCU was then turned down by some internet users because of his political views and in particular his membership in Hillsong Church, an evangelical church accused of homophobia. The American was unexpectedly assisted in passing by Robert Downey Junior.

when Photoshop comes into dance

As we’ve shown you in this article, Robert Downey Junior has publicly shown his support for his friend Chris Pratt through an Instagram post stating that “a true Christian who lives by principles, he isn’t.” never showed anything other than positivity and gratitude. “The photo used is harmless at first glance. We find Robert Downey Junior and Chris Pratt on the set of Avengers: Infinity War, set elements and a huge green background in the background.

As Internet users realized with expert eyes, the original photo contained Tom Holland. Robert Downey Junior’s teams therefore removed it using editing software before filling the hole by duplicating elements of the decor. If the American actor’s teams acted like this, it was because the two actors never appear alone in a photo shoot. A digital creation that made some internet users laugh.

A minor Photoshop bug that has resulted in a surge in creativity among internet users who have not hesitated to modify the original photo, adding a nice reference to Avengers: Endgame in the process. As a reminder, Robert Downey Junior is not the only Avenger who has fled to his friend’s aid, as Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner’s interpreter at the MCU, has also supported him.

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