Robert De Niro: The super dad of six remains Hollywood’s biggest bad boy


From the birthday party of a star like Leonardo DiCaprio, we can expect almost anything who is able to effortlessly bring together other big names like his in a single room. Even so, nothing predicted that the actor’s 38th birthday celebration in 2012 would be the scene of moments of tension between legendary Robert De Niro and rapper Jay-Z – yes, you read that right.

As “Page Six” reported at the time, the exchange of less friendly words began when the artist greeted the protagonist of “Taxi Driver” and accused him of being arrogant and disrespectful for not answering his calls. The musician tried to downplay the situation, but Robert de Nirto was really angry, the publication reported.

“Bob was sitting at a table and when Jay came over to say hello, he accused him of not answering his calls.” The same source revealed that he had heard the actor complain to the rapper about a song he was playing recorded for the Tribecca Film Festival. Robert will have tried speaking to Jay-Z to discuss some of the details.

“He wasn’t in the mood for polite conversation. Said if someone calls you six times you will call them back. No matter who you are, that’s just rude. “

The musician tried to crack a joke and said he was horrible with the phone but “De Niro kept telling him that he thinks he was the man but that was just disrespectful.” Not even the arrival of Beyoncé reassured the actor who played Jake LaMotta in “Raging Bull” – which earned him an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 1981.

The disagreement became a party’s theme, the source added. “Everyone said that there was only one star in New York who was worse than Jay-Z and that was Robert De Niro. He can be scary when angry. “

Now, 78 years old and more than 50 years old, Robert De Niro returns to the spotlight for his role in “Killers of the Flower Moon”, in which, interestingly, he shares the spotlight with Leonardo DiCaprio. The work is in post-production and is due to have its world premiere this year. It takes place in the USA in the 1920s when members of an Indian tribe are murdered under mysterious circumstances, which triggers an FBI investigation.

a family man

Waiting for the new film allows us to reflect on the many challenges that De Niro has faced as an actor over the past few decades. However, one of the greatest challenges the artist experiences when the cameras are not around and he is playing the role of the father, with all that that entails, especially having six multiracial children – the result of three relationships – at a time that of strong social tensions.

From his first marriage in 1976 to fellow actor Diahne Abbott, Raphael was born, who starred in a few films alongside his father in his childhood, although he eventually made a career as a real estate agent, an area he has been in since 2003.

During their marriage, De Niro also adopted Drena, Diahne’s daughter from another relationship. Drena became known as a model but turned to acting in the mid-90s. He counts participations in projects like “When They See Us” and “A Star Is Born”.

The acting duo divorced in 1988 when Robert began a relationship with model Toukie Smith that ended eight years later in 1995. They did not get married, but they had twins Julian and Aaron, who used a belly rent.

The actor was to marry again in 1997 with actress Grace Hightower. Despite the ups and downs, they stayed together for 21 years and had two children. Elliot was born in 1988, Helen Grace in 2011, again through a surrogate mother. The separation took place in 2018.

When the actor shows how intense he can be on stage, behind the scenes, and in situations like Jay-Z’s, his father’s side is exemplary. And that without ever losing your sense of humor.

In 2019, he spoke to Us Weeky about the challenges of parenting. “I love my kids, just being with them, but it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s fun and you love your children and sometimes you want to kill them. ”However, he added,“ When you have the good moments, you forget the ones that weren’t ”.

And he doesn’t hesitate to defend them and voice his concerns, as he did on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in June 2020 at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests. De Niro said it was a “scary” time to have multiracial children.

“My children are half black, and even I take some things for granted. When people say they warn children, “keep your hands” [fora] When the police stop you, keep your hands on the steering wheel, don’t make sudden movements, don’t lower your hands, don’t do that, ‘you see, “he commented.

In nearly 50 years of raising multiracial children, Robert has seen civil rights movements change, develop, and grow, but he has also seen how much remains to be done and how discrimination remains a topical issue in the United States. Over the years the actor has advocated changes to the existing police system, going so far as to say that cops who are not trying to protect the community but targeting minorities “don’t have to be there”.

The actor also rebelled several times against Donad Trump, whom he described in a 2019 interview with “The Guardian” as “true racists” and “white racists”.

“I’m old now and a little upset about everything that’s going on. When we see someone like [Trump] To become president, we thought, well, ok, let’s see what it does – maybe it will change. But it only got worse. He has shown that he is a real racist. I thought maybe as a New Yorker he understands the diversity of a city, but he’s just as bad as I thought – even worse. Too bad. It’s bad for the country, “he told the British newspaper.

Another controversial issue on which he refuses to flee has to do with the fact that Elliot is on the autistic spectrum. “There are great moments and sad moments. Sometimes you’re the last person with the [as crianças] want to get around. It’s like you’re taking the kids to school and they are getting old and they don’t want to hold your hand or kiss you goodbye, “she told People Magazine in 2016.

Target the stars

In the same 2020 release, De Niro revealed that the best advice he can give as a father is to tell his kids to target the stars. “I tell them, ‘If you want to be an actor or do this or that, that’s fine as long as you’re happy. Just don’t underestimate yourself. ‘ That’s the biggest thing I would say – challenge yourself a little more and fight for what you really want to do. Fear not “. He also said that” it is important that they find their own way “.

“When you become a father, you become more aware and sensitive of certain things,” concluded the interpreter, who founded the Tribeca Film Festival with Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in 2001 to help restore New York from the 9/11 terrorist attacks of the same year.

Having an undeniable talent and charisma, Robert captured audiences, critics, and achieved something few could do: build a lasting and successful career in Hollywood. He impressed above all with the emotionally unstable profiles that he brought to life, and the physical changes he went through with each new feature film, which expressed a devotion to envy.

“The Last Tycoon”, “The Untouchables” (1987), “Goodfellas” (1990) and “The Irishman” (2019) are some of the highlights of a long résumé in cinema.