RKI reports 546 new infections – incidence at 10.3 | free press

According to the RKI, the seven-day incidence continues to rise slightly at the beginning of the week and now stands at 10.3.

Berlin (dpa) – The health authorities in Germany have reported 546 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within one day. For comparison: a week ago the value stood at 324 infections. The RKI nationally gave the seven-day incidence at 10.3 (previous day: 10).

The incidence has so far been the basis for many corona restrictions in the pandemic, for example as part of the federal emergency brake that expired in late June. In the future, more consideration should be given to other values ​​such as hospital admissions.

According to the new information, a death was recorded across Germany within 24 hours. A week ago there were 2 deaths. The RKI has counted 3,745,227 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2 since the start of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections go undetected.

The RKI stated the number of recoveries at 3,640,100. The number of people who died with or with proven infection with Sars-CoV-2 rose to 91,363.

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