“Riverdale” is back on Netflix for a fifth season (with one big difference)

“Riverdale” is back on Netflix for a fifth season (with one big difference)

The story will go on for several years. The first episode is now available – a new one hits the platform every week.

There will be one episode a week.

In the fifth season, “Riverdale” prepares for a bold move. If we already know the first few episodes will focus on key moments for teenagers like prom and graduation from high school, then there will be a big leap in time.

It’s true – the narrative will suddenly go seven years forward. Season five premieres on Netflix this Thursday, January 21st. Contrary to what is customary on the platform, a new episode will appear every week rather than the entire season being instantly available – this is because it premieres at the same time as the television show on The CW in the US.

In the fifth season, the protagonist Archie is still concerned with the mixed feelings he has for Betty and Veronica. “He’s at a conflict over whether or not to tell Veronica what happened before the ball,” actor KJ Apa said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I think Kuss has a lot of weight in the first episode because there’s a lot going on. He doesn’t know where he’s going and he has everything to take care of. In the first episode he has a lot in mind, which will be decisive for Archie for the further course of the season, ”added the actor of x years.

Your prom experience won’t be the best, KJ Apa expects. “Because there is a lot going on. He doesn’t know if he’ll finish school. He’s trying to get into the naval academy and he doesn’t know how to go. The whole question of kissing Betty won’t be resolved yet. So I wouldn’t say he’s scared [pelo baile]. ”

The actor also said that he felt sorry for his character, that “he has been through a lot” and that it had to do with his qualities. “He’s someone who tries to solve problems and please people. I feel like he always introduces other people, especially his best friends, but not just basically everyone. And that’s why he’s always left a little behind and has so much to see. “

KJ Apa also spoke about the experience of jumping time and playing a mature version of his character closer to his real age. “It’s good, it’s very refreshing. It’s something I didn’t know would be good to add a certain level of maturity that wasn’t there before. “

The actor assumes this is definitely a new phase for Riverdale. “Even though we’re still in Riverdale and still affiliated with the school, we jumped in on our audience with a new topic, namely the fact that we are much older now. And I think that since we are older and a lot of time has passed and nobody has kept in touch over the years, it brings us new things. “

Archie will have been through “a lot” during this time. “And I feel like he’s really matured. I think that from 17 to 25 they are very important years in a young adult’s life. At least for me – and I know circumstances are different because I’m doing a series – but most of the difficult things I had to go through were at this point. “

The prom was supposed to be part of the fourth season, but moved to the fifth with the interruption of the planned recordings due to the context of the pandemic. It is also already known that Toni (Vanessa Morgan’s character) will have a narrative in which she will be pregnant – just like the actress in real life.

Drew Ray Tanner, who plays Fangs Fogarty, has been promoted to regular actor for this new season. And there are new characters in “Riverdale”. Erinn Westbrook will play Tabitha Tate, Pop Tate’s granddaughter. This character will come to town with the idea of ​​turning their grandfather’s restaurant into a franchise, but not the whole family will like the proposal.

Actor Chris Mason also joined the cast. She plays Chad Gekko, Veronica’s controlling and jealous husband who works on Wall Street – we’ll meet from episode four.

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