“Right mess” – SPD and CDU show solidarity with the Greens | free press


In the Bundestag election campaign, the Greens face an abusive poster campaign and are now backed by political competition: the SPD and CDU show solidarity.

Berlin (dpa) – The SPD and CDU have sided with the Greens and condemned the insulting posters against the party that have been on display in many cities for a few days.

“# GrünerMist is # legal waste,” SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “Democrats stick together.” A red-green tile read: “Separated in colors, united in the case against the law”.

SPD Vice Kevin Kühnert tweeted: “Solidarity with @Die_Gruenen and everyone who will be hit after this.” Greens Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner responded on Twitter with “Thank you – together against hate and agitation”.

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak joined the criticism of the abuse. “Part of a fair election campaign is to speak up if it’s not against your own party: The garbage currently being poured over the Greens by AfD and NPD-affiliated circles and fired with a poster campaign is disgusting. Full solidarity @MiKellner,” Ziemiak wrote to the Green Federal Managing Director.

For several days now, large posters have been displayed in several major cities in Germany, on which the motto «# GrünerMist 2021» revolts against the Greens. They look like green posters, but the sunflowers hang their heads on them and they have words like “Destruction of prosperity”, “Climate socialism” or “Ecoterror”. According to his own statement, ex-CSU member David Bendels and his agency «Conservare Communication GmbH» are behind this. He wanted to warn that the Greens pose a huge threat to Germany, he said.

Bendels also chairs the right-wing conservative Association for the Preservation of the Rule of Law and Civil Liberties, which in the past had produced posters and brochures calling for the election of the AfD in various election campaigns. The current campaign is “in no way related to the AfD,” Bendels said. The AfD had also announced that there was “no connection whatsoever between the AfD and the anti-green campaign in question”.