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Review: This was the worst season, but we will miss “After Life”.

Review: This was the worst season, but we will miss “After Life”.

Ricky Gervais’ dramedy came to an end with the last six episodes. You can find her on Netflix.

Ricky Gervais is the creator of the series.

“After Life” is over. Created, directed, written and produced by Ricky Gervais, the third and final season of the dramedy starring Ricky Gervais premiered on Friday, January 14th. It has six episodes which, while not the best, are still far more exciting than the vast majority of series we find on Netflix today.

We returned to the small world of the quiet (and fictional) town of Tambury, UK. Tony, the protagonist, continues to live in constant grief after the death of his wife. Though with a lesser level of misery than we’ve been used to in the past, thanks to the events at the end of season two.

Very little has changed on After Life between April 2020 and January 2022. Almost as if it were Groundhog Day, these characters live out their repetitive routines and peaceful existences. Even if everyone is struggling with their own problems.

Tony continues to fall asleep after drinking astronomical amounts of wine and watching videos of Lisa, the warm and funny person who was his wife. During the day it might be someone with less anger and fear on the surface now. It’s the natural progression of what we’ve come to expect from Tony as a character.

What was implied, and proved not to be the case, was that Emma, ​​​​​​the housekeeper who was close to Tony, was never more than a “platonic friend.” We already knew it would never replace Lisa. But we thought it might take the narrative of After Life in a different direction. In fact, like everything else in Tambury, nothing has fundamentally changed.

There’s nothing surprising about Season 3 of After Life, I have to admit. Ricky Gervais returned to play with the same pieces he presented on the board in 2019. And the first two seasons were even better than that. For example, we don’t realize the importance of Brian and James, whose narratives never really overlap with Tony’s. And where the heck is Roxy, the protagonist who is mentioned multiple times but never comes back to give her perspective?

However, the artificiality of Tambury is a place of special solace for all fans. Seeing these idiosyncratic characters again – and a far cry from those we find in most series – was great. The many jokes made by Gervais, the embarrassment between the characters, the sentimental dialogues that are life lessons, the great soundtrack, in short, are all elements that make “After Life” a wonderful series.

The end is, we would say, inevitable. Gradually, Tony changes his perspective and can enjoy life again. As fragile and fleeting as it is, it is also beautiful and livable – mere existence is not enough, it is a waste. And this man manages to redeem himself.

After Life is a beautiful, funny series with moments of crying with laughter and others that are so emotional that it will be a challenge not to shed tears. It’s about the important things in life: a simple, everyday story that serves as a vehicle to convey great messages. We will miss you even though there was no point in lengthening the story.

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