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Revealed the logo and title of the first episode of the Netflix series

While Eiichiro Oda continues to surprise us with the Wano Kuni bow, Netflix has just revealed the logo and the first episode of the One Piece live-action series.

A series that scares you?

Despite the immense reservations of viewers expressed by manga fans, every time one of their favorite works is the subject of an adaptation project, it seems Netflix has embarked on a huge and particularly risky venture that aims to bring many hits from Japanese comics live transferred to. Plot. After Death Note, Netflix started adapting Cowboy Bebop (whose first pictures have recently appeared) and My Hero Academia.

One project, however, attracts everyone’s attention: that of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece, which is considered the most widely read manga in the world. Nobody dared believe it because the universe the Japanese writer created is insane, both visually and in scriptwriting. The very rich universe of One Piece mixes multiple universes (ancient, Gothic, Japanese, etc.) and has a wide range of characters, types, and different sizes.

However, Netflix just revealed the show’s logo and the title of the first episode on Twitter.

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September 3, 2021

The episode will therefore be called Romance Dawn. A wink at the beginning of the manga, of course, because the first narrative arc is sometimes called “Arc Romance Dawn”, sometimes “Arc Colonel Morgan”. It’s also the title of the manga that served as the prototype for One Piece.

While that title on its own doesn’t say much about the quality of the live-action series, we agree that the series should follow the manga, much more so than the anime in its early days. In fact, we’ll have to wait for episode 4 to discover the story of Luffy in the anime, with Nami being the first character to appear.

As the series prepares for filming, we continue to wonder how far it will go. Does Netflix want to adapt the entire manga? Or does the platform aim to only adapt the narrative arcs taking place in East Blue, before the work gets too crazy and expensive? We will of course keep you updated on the news about this One Piece live action series.


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