Republicans attack Biden for ‘botched’ withdrawal | free press

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is also causing chaos at home. The Republican opposition has sharply criticized US President Joe Biden for his strategy in the crisis state.

Washington (AP) – US President Joe Biden faces crossfire from leading Republicans after the militant Islamist Taliban capture in Afghanistan.

The “failed withdrawal” from Afghanistan and the “frantic evacuation” of Americans and Afghan aid workers was an “embarrassing failure of US leadership,” said Republican minority leader in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell. The US would have had a chance to “avoid this catastrophe”.

Prominent Republican Liz Cheney said, “What we’re seeing in Afghanistan now is what will happen if America pulls out of the world.” Then-President Donald Trump and Biden would be responsible for this, she told ABC. U.S. allies would wonder if they could even count on the United States, Cheney said. She is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

It’s only a matter of time before the terrorist group Al-Qaeda resurfaces in Afghanistan, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wrote on Twitter. “President Biden appears oblivious to the terrorist threat posed by a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.” Biden had repeatedly and vehemently defended the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Another five or so years of US military presence would make no difference, Biden had only emphasized on Saturday.

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