Report: Other MPs Involved in Mask Matters | Free press


The affair of allegedly paid Bundestag mask lobbyists is apparently spreading.

Mannheim / Berlin (dpa) – In the case of allegedly paid Bundestag mask lobbyists, allegations are being leveled against another CDU member.

According to the news magazine “Der Spiegel”, he would have demanded and received a commission to arrange protective masks. Nikolas Löbel, member of the Mannheim CDU, admitted errors in this context. “As a member of the Bundestag, I should have acted more sensitively in my business activities, especially in the specific pandemic situation,” said upon request. “I blame myself for this mistake.”

According to his own account, the Mannheim parliamentarian’s company had collected commissions of about EUR 250,000 for negotiating mask purchase contracts between a Baden-Württemberg supplier and two private companies in Heidelberg and Mannheim. Löbel announced that it was a “customary fee” for Projektmanagement-GmbH. He acted for the GmbH and not in the exercise of his mandate.

According to Spiegel, nearly two dozen MPs could be involved in the mask business, either by promoting suppliers to the federal government or by getting companies to get their money. With the exception of Löbel, all politicians have denied receiving commissions or other considerations.

Last week, the Bundestag lifted the immunity of CSU politician Georg Nüßlein. The 51-year-old is under investigation for, among other things, the initial suspicion of bribery and bribery of elected officials in connection with the purchase of corona breathing equipment.

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