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Politically, Italy is still in crisis. Two ministers step down over the dispute over the use of the EU billion in aid.

Rome (AP) – Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has announced the resignation of ministers through his party Italia Viva. These are the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova and the Minister of the Family Elena Bonetti.

As news agency Ansa reported, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ivan Scalfarotto, also wanted to resign. With the departure of the Italia Viva party, the crisis in Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s center-left government is getting worse.

According to his own statements, Conte had already spoken with President Sergio Mattarella on Wednesday about the dispute in the coalition. The alliance has been in power since September 2019. Should the government fall after resigning, the head of state would be instrumental in deciding how to proceed.

The differences in government between Renzi and Conte recently revolved around plans to use the EU billion in aid for the Corona crisis. Renzi’s party is small, but the government has been dependent on its votes in parliament several times lately, especially in the Senate, the smaller of the two chambers.

Italian media suspected that Prime Minister Conte would want to avoid new elections. He could ask for a vote of confidence in parliament and try to find other majorities. The head of government himself said on Wednesday that he needs a solid majority for his government. Parliamentary elections in Italy are not expected until 2023.

In Conte’s alliance, the populist five-star movement and the Social Democrats (PD), once led by Renzi, are the major forces. Besides Italia Viva, there is also the second small batch Liberi e Uguali (The Free and Equals).

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