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Remember Netflix’s Dark Desire? Here comes the second season

Remember Netflix’s Dark Desire? Here comes the second season

The erotic and mysterious series starring Maite Perroni returns very soon with new episodes.

The story of respected lawyer Alma Solares (Maite Perroni) who visits her best friend to help her cope with the pain of the divorce she is going through and eventually becomes involved with a 23-year-old young man is said to begin to be communicated in July 2020. .

Over the course of 18 episodes, a one-night stand turns into an “incendiary passion” followed by a dangerous obsession. A grid that turns the protagonist’s life into a real nightmare. The Netflix original series has quickly become one of the most popular on the streaming platform. Dark Desire Season 2 begins next Wednesday, February 2nd.

Now let’s follow as Alma, already divorced from Leonardo (Jorge Poza), tries to rebuild her life after the events of season one. To do this, she took a gap year from college — she’s also a university professor — and attends a therapy group in search of recovery.

But the news that Dario Guerra (Alejandro Speitzer), the former lover, is marrying Julieta throws the whole process off balance. From there, explosive encounters and a surprising tragedy unleash a new game of illusions with unexpected events.

The Mexican production’s success is largely due to its “spicy” narrative, which is filled with erotic moments, forbidden romance and sexual tension, and explores disturbing mysteries linked to a series of crimes involving multiple characters. The line is maintained in the second season.

The American magazine “Cosmopolitan” even compared “Desejo Obscuro” to “Tu” because it also addresses the course of an obsession and includes several crimes in the plot in addition to several extramarital love affairs and characters who hide secrets.

Erik Hayser, Magali Boysselle, Paulina Matos, Samantha Orozco, Regina Pavón and Claudia Pineda are some of the names that make up the cast.


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