Relevant Advisory Council Cologne welcomes Cardinal Marx’s waiver | Free press


The Cardial Marx from Munich should receive the Federal Cross of Merit. After violent criticism from abuse victims, he withdrew the consequences. The affected Council was relieved.

Cologne / Munich (dpa) – The Advisory Council for those affected in the Archdiocese of Cologne has expressed its relief at Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx’s decision to forgo the Cross of Merit.

He thinks the step is good, advised board member Peter Bringmann-Henselder of the German news agency. “It shows that high church princes are finally taking a look at those affected.”

The Federal Cross of Merit should have been presented to the former president of the German Bishops’ Conference on Friday in Berlin. On Tuesday, however, Marx asked Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to cancel the ceremony. Earlier, the advisory council of the Archdiocese of Cologne had appealed to the Federal President not to implement the award for the time being. The accusation against Marx is still in the room as a bishop and cardinal of covering up the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.

Bringmann-Henselder said he would have returned his own Federal Cross of Merit if Marx had also received the decoration. “Then it is no longer an honor if those responsible in the Catholic Church receive a greater reward for their actions than we, who have been fighting for years for the recognition of the victims of abuse,” Bringmann-Henselder criticized. Marx would receive the Great Cross of Merit with a star, one of the highest levels.

“I hope that other cardinals and bishops will draw the conclusions from their behavior, as Bishop Heße of Hamburg did,” continued Bringmann-Henselder. Hamburg Archbishop Stefan Heße had asked Pope Francis for his release after allegations of cover-up were made against him in an abuse report.

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