Release date, skills, and abilities

Genshin Influence leaks have revealed a ton of recent details about the sport’s upcoming characters, together with the mysterious Alhaitham. These leaks element data about his skills and distinctive equipment, together with revealing his doable launch date.

Followers who’re planning to summon for Alhaitham will certainly wish to take a look at these early leaks, as it appears that evidently he can have a really in-depth equipment. He seems to be to be a robust Dendro character based mostly on these leaks, although his actual position in a crew remains to be undetermined.

Alhaitham leaks reveal his launch date and abilities in Genshin Influence


Genshin Influence leakers have revealed new details about the mysterious Alhaitham, together with new particulars about his abilities. Gamers solely received a short glimpse of Alhaitham’s energy as they explored Sumeru, and in response to these leaks, it appears that evidently he can wield a ton of Dendro skills in fight. Leaks have already revealed that Alhaitham is a 5-star Dendro Sword wielder, and his launch date is not too distant.

[Genshin] [Questionable]Launch Roadmap3.3 Banner 1 – Wanderer (w/ Faruzan)3.4 – Alhaitham (5 Star) + Yaoyao (4 Star – Polearm)3.5 – Dehya (5 Star) + Mika (4 Star)3.6 – Baizhu + New char

In accordance with the newest leaks, Alhaitham is ready to be launched throughout Genshin Influence’s 3.4 replace. This replace is anticipated to reach round January 11, which means that if Alhaitham is on the primary banner of the replace, followers can anticipate his launch to fall on the identical day because the replace. He may also be arriving alongside the long-awaited 4-star Dendro character Yaoyao, which means gamers have quite a bit to look ahead to on this replace.

Alhaitham Package Information:E: Throws a “ForlornLotus”, has 2 variations Press and Maintain, when on the sphere, Alhaitham goes into “ForlornLotus Mode” and his NA can mark enemies. The “ForlornLotus” has 3 ranges. (His weapon additionally modifications to “RuneWeapon”)#原神 #Genshin #Genshinlmpact

In accordance with the brand new leaks, Alhaitham’s Elemental Talent is the flexibility that has essentially the most data revealed about it. Upon activation, Alhaitham will throw a Forlorn Lotus onto the battlefield, and gamers can both faucet or maintain the button to vary how far the lotus is launched.

After releasing the Forlorn Lotus, Alhaitham will enter a brand new state that’s known as Forlorn Lotus Mode. On this state, his Regular Assaults will mark enemies, however the results of this mark are at present unknown. Reportedly, his weapon sort additionally modifications to “RuneWeapon” within the code, although whether or not this means a singular weapon (like that of Raiden Shogun) or simply an elemental infusion is at present unknown.

Alhaitham Package Information:Q: Alhaitham unleashes some sort of “fog”, upon activating the burst The “Forlorn Lotus”‘s ATK will get buffed (?) and will get additionally “Elemental Sturdiness”(Appears Q is a complicated to learn)#原神 #Genshin #Genshinlmpact

Alhaitham’s Elemental Burst has been leaked as effectively, and it seems to launch some form of Dendro fog onto the battlefield. Upon activating his Elemental Burst, Alhaitham’s Forlorn Lotus will acquire a injury buff, and it will probably additionally apply to his Forlorn Lotus Mode. The Lotus itself additionally appears to achieve some extra sturdiness, although whether or not which means that the Lotus serves as a taunting summon (like Itto’s Ushi or Ganyu’s Ice Lotus) is at present unknown.

Alhaitham – Dendro SwordE: has press and holdboth press and spawn throw a lotus, im guessing its the identical as yaoyao and ittowhen on subject with haitham, his weapon modifications, and he goes into “ForlornLotus mode”1/2

Based mostly on these leaks, it seems that Alhaitham might be an on-field DPS character, given that every one of his abilities appear to profit him specifically. Alhaitham stands out as the first such Dendro DPS character, which will certainly be an attention-grabbing playstyle, provided that Dendro primarily focuses on team-based reactions.

Genshin Influence leaks have revealed a ton of details about the sport’s latest characters, together with the upcoming Alhaitham.

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