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Today the lobby register is decided in the Bundestag. The register is intended to increase the transparency of political decisions. The bill continues to be widely criticized.

Berlin (dpa) – Before the planned approval of the lobby register in the Bundestag, the Transparency International organization criticized the grand coalition’s draft bill as inadequate.

“If the lobby register is as it is designed now, it will have some major flaws,” said the head of the organization, Hartmut Bäumer, of the Augsburger Allgemeine. “You will not be able to understand which lobbyists in the Bundestag and in the ministries are open to which concerns. In the future, we will not have any transparency about the specific lobbying work, or at most a very meager one. “

The introduction of the law negotiated between the parliamentary groups of the CDU / CSU and SPD must be decided today in the Bundestag. MP Matthias Bartke, who as rapporteur negotiated the deal for the SPD group, spoke in the Funke media group of a ‘parliamentary milestone’, but also criticized the coalition partner: ‘The executive footprint would be an important contribution to creating of legislative transparency. The Union stopped him. Even after the many scandals in recent weeks, the principle still seems to apply to the CDU / CSU, despite all the conflicting guarantees: too much transparency is undesirable. “

The register is intended to increase the transparency of political decisions. Accordingly, professional interest representatives will have to register in a publicly accessible register and provide information about their clients there.

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