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Thousands of migrants on their way to the US were stopped by security forces in the town of Vado Hondo, Guatemala. Police and soldiers use tear gas and batons. Several people have been injured.

Guatemala City (dpa) – The new so-called migrant caravan with several thousand people in Guatemala on their way to the US has been stopped with violence and tear gas, according to government information.

Several people were injured, the Central American country’s human rights representative, Jordán Rodas Andrade, said in a statement on social networks on Sunday (local time). TV images and videos on social networks showed how thousands of migrants gathered in groups in the city of Vado Hondo, Guatemala, trying to break a cordon from the security forces. They used clubs. According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, eleven migrants and two soldiers were injured. More than 1,300 migrants have been returned or handed over to the authorities, according to the Guatemalan Migration Authority. Several groups of thousands of migrants from Honduras had crossed the border into Guatemala since Friday evening. Mexican broadcaster “TV Azteca” reported on more than 9,000 migrants. The caravan had joined forces in the town of San Pedro Sula in northwestern Honduras on Thursday. According to local media reports, it was about Hondurans who had fled the Central American country because of violence, poverty and the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes in November and wanted to find a better life in the United States. UNHCR reported on groups that reached Guatemala City and received humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, Mexico tightened up surveillance of the border with Guatemala in the state of Chiapas.

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