Reduction of the Neato Robotics D750 robot vacuum cleaner with its animal package by more than 50%


If vacuuming is a real chore for you, here’s a good plan to get rid of it. The Neato Robotics D750 robot vacuum cleaner with its premium pack for animals is currently being reduced by more than 50%.

Neato Robotics D750: A robotic vacuum cleaner that removes hair

The robot vacuum cleaner has been perfectly integrated in many households. However, if you are scared of animals and carpets, you should know that the Neato Robotics D750 comes with a special pet package in this good plan.

This model has strong suction power and no dust can withstand it. And the great luxury is that it passes while you are away as you plan its crossing. You can even assign it a specific room! Everything can be configured through the free dedicated application available on Android and iOS.

Another difference from its competitors: it’s not round, it’s D-shaped and therefore lighter at angles and along walls. And when the battery is empty, it is automatically parked at its charging station and then picked up again as soon as it has reached 100%.

The price for the Neato Robotics D750 with its exclusive animal pack was 949 euros, but Amazon lowered its price to 399 euros with a discount of 58%!

Why fall for this model?

Ergonomic D-shaped animal pack Great price

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